1 week post-op + Restylane

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Neaman Plastic Surgery Restylane Lip Injections - Salem, OR

I have always wanted fuller lips. Katie at Neaman's Plastic Surgery in Salem Oregon delivered exactly what I wanted! I am very very happy! Katie injected a full syringe. I had the injections performed mid day on a Wednesday and was out doing normal day to day things on Thursday without feeling... READ MORE

Lip Filler - Love It!! - Boston, MA

I've always wanted to try a lip filler on my top lip because its soo thin and the distance between my nose and lip seems large to me. I had a previous breast augmentation with Dr. Darrow so I trust him completely with any future procedures. Dr. Darrow was excellent in explaining the different... READ MORE

Lip Fillers - Malta

Hi I had my lips done last week with restylane filler i had 1 syringe injected in to my top and bottom lip The surgeon used a canola to go in the corners off each side off my lip than pull the conola inside my lip to inject the filler It was very quick done within 15mins Overall it was very... READ MORE

Filler Under Eyes Area and Cheek. Edison, NJ

I was looking for something to fill the hollow under my eyes and a little depression I had on my upper cheek. I had fillers done 9 days ago and still look worst than before. I believe my right side was more injected than left side , and the depression in my cheek is showing more than ever. I... READ MORE

Restylane in Lips Caused Bumps on Inside of Lips

Hi everyone , I wanted to get a lip filler since I had a very small top lip . The Dermatologist chose to do just Restylane , not the silk variation, to give more volume to my small top lip. She injected an entire syringe, with a little going into the bottom and majority into the top. I'm pretty... READ MORE

Fillers and Rhinoplasty Consultation - Glendale, CA

I went to Dr.Grygoriants for a rhinoplasty consultation. He is amazing! He was incredibly honest and he addressed all of my concerns. He confirmed everything I thought was wrong with my nose. I also decided to get some fillers under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose. I love my results! If he... READ MORE

Tear Trough Fillers - San Antonio, TX

I had always noticed that my eyes seemed rather sunken in and I felt it always created a pretty pronounced shadow. It didn't bother me too much but one of my friends got fillers in this area and his results were what got me interested so on my next Botox appointment I decided to add on some... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Restylane - Minneapolis, MN

I have had Restylane injections in the past but this time I had a severe allergic reaction to the treatment under both eyes. I was fine for about 3 hours after and then started experiencing swelling, redness and pain under both eyes more so under my right eye. I called my doctor and she started... READ MORE

Very Pleasantly Surprised - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Hsu had been highly recommended to me by a very well known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I was told she is one of the best facial surgeons, and I should trust her completely with injections and sculpting. They said she can work wonders, and she did! I wanted a little Botox in my... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Mother of 3 - Sacramento, CA

I had Restylane under my eyes. Didn't work. After 4 days my eyes look the same. Nobody noticed anything. Now, I'm experience a weird headache on my left eye. I fell weird my left eye. Besides after the procedure, my left eye developed a blood vessel. I don't know if it's related to the treatment... READ MORE

Excellent Experience - Danville, CA

I booked an appointment to have a consultation for filler injection, which I have had previously but by someone else. Sandy met with me and gave me her opinion on what would be best for me. She was methodical with her placement; always stepping back to make sure everything was perfect. I had... READ MORE

Fixed Hollow Eyes On A 28 Year Old Mom - Beverly Hills, CA

I am so incredibly happy and confident. My eyes look amazing and I keep getting compliments about how refreshed and well-rested I look. Now people I just see my eyes and not the lines underneath! I have been spending over $1,000 on skincare products each year to tighten up my under-eye area. I... READ MORE

Raman Malhotra Upper Eye Lid Filler for Hollow Eyes - London, GB

Raman Malhotra Upper eye lid contouring. I was very lucky to have had my upper eye lid treatment done by Dr. Raman Malhotra, I always hated my upper eye lid hollows and thanks to Mr. Malhotra they are now gone!!! Mr. Malhotra did not only assess my eyes but the structure of my whole face. Mr.... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Troughs - Pittsburgh, PA

I got restylane in my tear troughs. I was nervous while waiting, but once we started it was like nothing. I thought i would bruise since i usually bruise so easily, but i didn't! I only had some swelling for a day & a half. I ate fresh pineapple the day of and a couple days prior to the... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old - Chicago, IL

I got restylne around my mouth and in my cheeks. I love it. I have always had what I call smile lines. They were pretty deep and always bothered me. Restylne works perfect for that area. It gives me a soft natural look. Love it! After 6 months I went back to get a touch up. Could've probably... READ MORE

I Look Like my Younger Self Instead of Someone's Mommy! - New York

I was very nervous and unsure about whether to start fillers and/or botox. I"m 42 and had avoided it while many of my friends had started years ago. I went in for a consultation and was really impressed by Dr. Sung. He's like Doogie Howser and an Encyclopedia in a good way. (I"m guessing... READ MORE

Filler - Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted to apply filler to my nose to fix the slight bump on the bridge of my nose. Pros: -I didn't have to go through a rhinoplasty. -Quick fix, the procedure to under 20 minutes. -Great price. Cons: -Slight bruising, which cleared in a couple of days. -Pan was very minimal and lasted a... READ MORE

48 Y/o Restyline to Lips and Upper Eyelids and Lower Slight Correction She is the Best Artist and Surgeon - Jupiter, FL

Dr. Robin Sykes is a wonderful, pleasant artist. My lips were uneven and with restylane she corrected them and made them like lips should look and so natural. She did my upper eyelids, she never lets you feel pain without any heavy drugs. She is amazing. I will go to her and she tells the... READ MORE

50 Year Old Professional Female - Templeton, CA

Noticed that my lips were getting thin, wanted to regain some youthful fullness. After doing research, decided that I wanted my procedure to be performed by a board certified facial plastic surgeon Had a very comfortable consultation. The procedure was interactive, and my lips look and feel... READ MORE

38 Years Old....mother of 3...filler and Botox for Fine Lines - New Albany, IN

Getting Restylane and Botox are fairly simple procedures. The filler helps with those fine smile lines around the mouth as well as plumping your lips of you choose to do so. Dr. Chatham is absolutely wonderful! He's so kind and caring and is always very gentle as he explains the procedure or... READ MORE

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