1 month post-op + Restylane

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Mini-lip Injections - Mission City, BC

Was always wanting some fuller lips. Thanks to my mama's genetics, I was born with cute little bird lips. I saw Dr. Campbell of Mission Skin and Laser in Mission, British Columbia. We went with a 1/2 syringe for my first time, so I wasn't overwhelmed LOL. Some very slight inconsistencies but... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect from Restylane Injected Under EyE - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a really bad experience with restylane and I am on the brink of depression, because it made my situation worse. I just want an unbiased opinion far away from my doctor, because he constantly is inconsistent with his replies and is really biased because he just wants to calm me down and... READ MORE

Bad Placement Product by Bangkok Plastic Surgeon - Thailand, TH

Avoid MD Clinic at MBK shopping centre Bangkok - attached to Pathunwan Princess Hotel. I had restylane injected under both eyes hoping for a youthful look- the result ( due to poor placement and lack of skills by doctor) has left me with big blue tinge tyndall effect and worse bags than i... READ MORE

27 Years Old, Perlane, Restylane, Drysport - New Orleans, LA

I got Drysport in forehead and between eyebrows, Perlane in my cheeks, Restylane for my tear troughs and Restylane in my lips. Dr. Velargo is very nice and helpful and easy to talk to about your concerns and the staff is also great! You can tell he cares about what he does and takes the time to... READ MORE

Undereye Hollowness, Dark Circles - Wayne, NJ

I had been unhappy with my undereye circles, bags for a couple years. I tried creams, treatments, facials, medicine, nothing worked..after researching my options for the last 6 months I decided I wanted to get fillers. I researched pics of what I wanted and all the results I kept seeing that I... READ MORE

Restylane for Upper and Bottom Lip - Japan

Im very happy with results! I have small mouth and i was scared for fillers but now im totally surprised how much better i can look. I did first lip injection 1 month ago ony upper lip,second injection was actually today on my bottom lip! I didnt have any bruising or swelling. I highly... READ MORE

First Round of Lip Injections and Cheek Enhancements! - Brookfield, WI

I've always wanted a sexy pout and the clinic where I did a series of 8 ilipo treatments(regret the ilipo! Could have been fat harvested for butt) had a deal on 2 syringes for 750.00. Im very much an advocate of enhancement so I went ahead with it that same week. I was nervous not knowing how... READ MORE

Resty Under the Eyes - Looking Younger and Feeling Confident - Louisville, KY

I am 42 and have struggled with very dark circles under my eyes for a few years now, so I decided to try to fix it with Restylane. I did have some very serious bruising under one eye, but it was immediately evident that my under-eye circles were much less visible. It has been over a month now... READ MORE

Beyond Disappointed

I was in Dorset Street Dermatology a month ago and the Dr. put filler under my eyes. I signed the consent form and I knew what I was doing, I made the conscious choice to take the risk and get the work done. At the time, Dr. Schwarz informs me of the risks and the fact that, should the treatment... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Tough

I had one ml of restylane in my tear troughs followed by another 1/2 4 weeks later. There was quite a lot of swelling for the first 2 days but that has almost completely settled again from second treatment 4 days ago. I highly recommend as a treatment for dark circles, they are not completely... READ MORE

64 Years Old, Restylane Fillers - Fort Wayne, IN

Needed to have fillers in the lip and nose area. Didn't know what to expect. Procedure was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was so worth it! The results were amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who is considering this procedure. The staff was very helpful with any questions I... READ MORE

Perfect - Seattle, WA

My usual RN had the day off and I needed a quick appointment so I saw Johnna Millen under the recommendation of the receptionist. I'm so happy I did! She was wonderful! Knowledgeable and friendly, professional and kind. I'm so happy Naficy's has so many great cosmetic providers. Restylane... READ MORE

44 Years Old - Restylane for Eye Hollows - New York

I've been considering filler for about a year to help with my fairly severe under eye hollows. I felt very self-conscious, and I would hide behind my glasses. After doing my research, I chose Dr. Lattman for the procedure, and it was a wonderful experience. I wish I did it sooner! Dr.... READ MORE

True Professional & A Lovely Lady Inside & Out - Houston, TX

I've seen Dr. K several times for filler correction (poor job done by another doctor), and for a few photo facial sessions. Dr. K is always kind, professional, honest and genuine. She takes a conservative approach with fillers and will do what is best long-term for her patient. Beautiful... READ MORE

Eyes Started Looking a Little Tired + Started Getting Some Dark Circles - Wellesley, MA

Eyes started looking a little tired + started getting some dark circles, so I started doing research and found this Dr. After careful consideration, I decided that it was the best bang for my buck (even though I was told my another injector that I would get more bang for my buck to inject my... READ MORE

"54 Year-old Desiring to Improve the Signs of Aging Skin - Austin, TX

I was interested in something to improve the appearance of shallow contours in my face, plump thin lips and improve the under-eye shadowing. I wanted an alternative to plastic surgery and fillers seemed to be the perfect procedure for me at this time. Fillers are appropriate for anyone wanting... READ MORE

Waste of $$ and Time! - Prairie VIllage, KS

After a ton of review I was super disappointed. From start to finish the whole experience was disappointing. Dr. Vargas is vague with her response and in a matter of fact way explains you can or don't have to take a chance with the procedure (not at all very reassuring or comforting) her staff... READ MORE

39 Year Old - Looking for a Little Refresher - Saint Louis, MO

I had IPL done here in the Fall of '15 - great experience. 2 treatments and presto! Sun damage gone. Takes less treatments than any other place I've been. I have had filler (see his tear trough technique - amazing - google Nayak Tear Trough on Youtube) He really knows the latest and greatest... READ MORE

Excellent - Austin, TX

Excellent. Dr. Nakra is very professional, skilled and nice. He took the time to explain everything, answered all my questions. I had Restylane injected in my tear trough and glabella area. I'm extremely happy with the results. I look healthy again. Dr. Nakra is a true medical artist! His office... READ MORE

50 Yr Old Single Women - Havertown, PA

I had Botox and laser procedures by two other doctors and liked my results. When I met with Dr. Undavia he better understood what my concerns were. He was the first doctor to suggest it was under my eyes that was causing my "tired look" and when he suggested using Restylane under my eyes I was... READ MORE

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