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What if You Are Injected with Restylane, and You Gain or Loose Weight Will Anything Happen to the Results?

After years of injecting restylane under eye will the hollows improve? will you need less and less restylane applied under eye, and after time will it... READ MORE

Restylane For Under Eye Hollows After Weight Loss

Since I was a kid I had these hollows under my eyes, but after taking acutane and losing some weight they worsen a lot. Should I consider restylane to... READ MORE

Can you treat tear troughs by filling the cheek area? (photo)

I am 41 years old. I recently lost weight and as a result my chubby full face disappeared. The tear troughs which are hereditary also became more... READ MORE

Skinny Face. Fillers Before Wedding?

HI, I have lost about 6 kilos after having my baby 12 months ago. i was 55 kg but I am now 47.5 kg .I am getting married in 3 months and was wanting... READ MORE

Will I always look like I have a black eye after Restalyne injection in under eye trough? (photos)

I had Restalyne put into my tear troughs exactly one month ago. My right eye looks great but my left eye is blue and swollen. I called my doctor to... READ MORE

Which temporary HA filler is better for cheeks? Restylane or Juvederm? Not interested in Voluma.

I developed nlf's and a deflated looking face due to unintentional weight loss. I am working on getting back to my original weight but would like to... READ MORE

Are Skin Boosters Restylane Vital for wrinkly tummy area safe and effective?

Tummy tuck is not an option. I have found a local doctor who has recommended skin boosters Restylane Vital to improve the texture of the skin which... READ MORE

Can this gob be removed from inside my philtral column? (Photo)

Unbeknownst to me, a gob of what I now believe to be silicone was injected into the dimple between my nose and my upper lip. The "doc" denies... READ MORE

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