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Is this lump on lip from filler or swelling after Restylane? (photo)

I had Restylane on the sides of my upper lip a week ago. One side bruised extremely bad and the other has a small, visible knot. I'm afraid if I get... READ MORE

Hyalurondaise after restylane; does waiting too long before dissolving under eyes cause permanent damage?

I had restylane in my tear trough and under eyes. It did not work out well with my eyes and looks swollen, have ridges and dark lines under each eye.... READ MORE

I had Restylane fillers injected in my nose and lips. When will this bruising go? (photos)

I had restylane fillers injected in my nose and lips. I have a small bruise on the side of my nose and was wondering how lomg it would taje to go? its... READ MORE

When will Restylane dissolve completely on its own? PS destroyed tear trough 15 months ago and I still have lumps/ridges (Photo)

PS misplaced filling tear trough and overfilled area, severely injuring one eye. I had it dissolved 6 times elsewhere and they said they couldn't... READ MORE

Restylane around eyes has not completely dissolved after 15 months. How much longer must I wait?

A PS injected Restylane into my tear troughs and upper eyelids did an awful job and caused severe injury. After having the filler dissolved 6 times, I... READ MORE

Filler in my nasolabial folds ay 32 years?

I ask to my dermatologist if i can use restiline in my premature nasolabial folds, And she said better to wait until i have 35 years old because if i... READ MORE

Can I get restylane right after getting a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I plan in getting my rhinoplasty sometime June or July (still looking at doctors in the Scottsdale, AZ) and I am wondering if I can get restylane... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait before I know surely that it's not just swollen? (photos)

I got tear trough about 5 days ago. I got swollen but feel and look like Iam still swollen and also in my cheekbones up towards. My under eyes also... READ MORE

Got Restalyne and didn't get the results I wanted. Results are possibly 65%, how long before I add more into my tear troughs?

But now I see a little of loss of the firmness that I saw the day of and after . I wanted much more of a bigger difference. The results to my liking... READ MORE

How many years after Restylane injections and hardness can you have it removed?

It has probably been three years since I received restylane injections around my inter eye area for hollow ness. I have a hardness on my lower Eye... READ MORE

How to loose the duck look? I had Restyalne in my lips 3 days ago. (photos)

I had restylane in my lips 3 days ago. I asked for a natural fuller lip but feel my lips are to noticeable. A work colleague has already commented... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasolabial folds and 4 days out and looks like a channel down where the folds were. Any suggestions? (photo)

I was wondering if this is normal and will it resolve.. The nasolabial fold on one side was deeper than the other side. I had the injections on... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to get fat transfer/injections after getting restalyne in lips?

Received Restalyne 1cc to lips 18 days ago. Disappointed with volume results. 10 years ago I had 10cc's fat transfer with lasting results. Showed... READ MORE

How are hyaluronic acid filler results maintained?

They say that, for example, Restylane may last more than 1 year in the tear troughs. Does this mean, that that's when you begin to see it going away?... READ MORE

I have alopecia areata and get kenalog injections in my scalp. Is it still safe to get Restylane injections in my face?

I'd like to get restylane injections under eyes and in cheeks again but I'm wondering is there a waiting period? I have to get the kenalog injections... READ MORE

Jaw line over filled with Restalyne: how long will I have to wait for some natural reduction of the filler?

Hi! I received some filer on my jawline. One side is great, one side is slightly overfilled. It's been 3 weeks so I know this is the final effect. I... READ MORE

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