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Under Eye Bags After Restylane and Radiesse

I had Restylane under my eyes and some Radiesse on the cheeks. It looked great for the first few days, then I have these bags under the bags I had. I... READ MORE

After Hyaluronidase, when Can I Get More Restylane?

How long after having hyaluronidase under the eyes can you have restylane again? I had restylane injected two weeks ago in my tear troughs. One of... READ MORE

4 Months After Restylane in Tear Troughs & Cheeks - Hyaluronidase or Wait?

4 months ago, I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs and cheek area. The results were poor and it looked like I had big bags under my eyes. And... READ MORE

I had sculptra in the cheek 2 weeks ago. Can I have Restaylane for tear trough or should I wait? (photos)

I know the sculptra starts to work within 6 weeks and because I had sculptra injected in the cheek two weeks ago and now I want to have restaylane for... READ MORE

3 weeks after Restylane, Should I massage and wait a little more? (photos)

I had restylane 3 weeks ago and now the left eye is irregular with a localized accumulation of restylane. Should i massage and wait a litle more?... READ MORE

Tyndall effect or just temporary bruise? (photos)

I had my tear trough 6 days ago, injected with restalyne.. The doctor injected .5cc each my tear trough. Now the days past i can see blue color in my... READ MORE

Nose filler restylane to correct nose hump.

Dr injected restylane filler at d bridge of my nose but it was horrible as it made my nose curvy frm d top he then injected it to diff nose areas... READ MORE

Lump dropping down over tooth when I smile. Should I give it 1 week or wait until my 2 week? (photos)

72 hours ago I had Resatylane put into smile lines. The nurse suggested I use the other .5 in the middle of top and bottom lips. The nurse didn't ask... READ MORE

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