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Fillers For Cheeks Lift, Indents and Volume Loss Around Lower Face. Can I Get More Without More Charge?

I got filler from very reputable nyc derm. Wanted to lift cheek area and help with indents and volume loss around lower face. She did vial of perlane... READ MORE

Broken capillaries and redness 5 weeks after Restylane filler in nasolabial folds. How to avoid this in the future? (Photo)

After complaining of volume loss, not wrinkles, in N/L folds, the Dr. injected 1 ml of Restylane on sides of nose, not along the sides of the mouth.... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Perlane Be Used for Volume Restoration if One Has Already Had Radiesse and Juvederm?

I am trying to save money by finding Groupon deals. I have had one treatment of radiesse and juvederm. Now I am seeing deals for restylane and perlane... READ MORE

Filler Complications? (photo)

I had two sets of restylane injections under the eyes early this year. The process did not run smoothly at all. One of the major complications was it... READ MORE

Can hyaluronidase decifer between filler(Restyln) and natural hyaluronic acid found in soft tissue and skin?

I'm under the impression my natural hyaluronic acid has been affected to some degree in the process of dissolving restyln in my under eye, lower... READ MORE

My under eye fillers never last more than three weeks! Three tries already! What could be happening?

Hello. I am a 29 year old woman with some undereye issues (loss of volume in the undereye area) My problem is not severe. I've had fillers injected... READ MORE

Is my skin just too thin for fillers?

I'm 36 years old and am dealing with reduced volume in the tear trough area. Over the past few years, I've gotten Restylane and Juvederm fillers from... READ MORE

How long do fillers REALLY last?

I have lost a lot volume around my cheek area to the point where you can see the cheekbone jutting out. Recently, I got either perlane or restylane... READ MORE

What can I do about loss of volume in my face due to Restylane?

I had restalane put in tear trough and cheek area last year...when it dissolved, however, i had indentions where the filler had been..and have lost a... READ MORE

How can I further improve loss of volume and sagging skin? (photo)

On 12th March I had a syringe of Restylane on my cheekbones. After two weeks I had one more syringe high on my cheeks and one thread on each side of... READ MORE

I am 38 and ever since I had my second child (2 yrs ago), I lost volume in my cheeks but gained bags under my eyes! (Photo)

I'd prefer non-surgical options if possible. My physician has said that fillers won't help me but I would like a second opinion. Would Restylane be an... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase in top lip to dissolve a tiny bump from restylane that I had injected 7 yrs ago. Why have I lost volume?

I had restalayne injected into my top lip 7 years ago and 2 weeks ago I queried a tiny bump. The nurses advise was to hydase (procedure used to... READ MORE

Would an additional syringe help? My lips lost most of the volume after swelling (Photo)

Well I made an appointment to have an additional syringe but of restylane this time added to my lips, Would this give me the volume I've wanted? READ MORE

Would it be better, for my situation, to go with Restylane or Radiesse?

I'm looking into getting dermal fillers to enhance my cheekbones/bone structure. I'm 24 so this is not about having wrinkles or lost volume. READ MORE

To all the doctors, do you provide FREE injections if lips lose ALL volume after only a month after lip injections (Restylane)?

I lost nearly all the volume achieved in my lips (upper and lower) after my restylane injection shot. While I know some react differently to the... READ MORE

2 years since Restylane in tear troughs and it hasn't completely dissolved, can I still get a revision? (35 yo)

Had Restylane 2 years ago for dark circles & worked great. Want to do a revision now even though it didn't completely dissolve yet!!! is this... READ MORE

I'm looking at getting fillers or surgery for my loss of volume under my eyes. Which would be best? (photo)

I've been researching the doctors on RealSelf for quite a while now. Thank you all for your tremendous knowledge and input. I believe that underneath... READ MORE

Discolored Face, Volume Loss (It seems) (NEED HELP) (Photos)

3 months ago I did 1ml restylane for my acne scars. 2 Months ago I did subcision/dermabrasion. Check before/after pictures. Questions: 1) Loss of... READ MORE

I have lost volume in my eyelid, is it ok to have Restylane?

My upper eyelid start losing volume and my eyelid shape start to change. Is it ok to have restylane on upper eyelid? If so how long it last? And what... READ MORE

What's the best approuch/ product when having Facial biostimulation performed by my dermatoligist?

A month ago i had my first biostimulation with restylane skinboostes and teosyal redensity I .Are these a good choice of products? And i'm having the... READ MORE

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