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Does Vitrase or Dissolving Agent for Restylane Cause Swelling

Do dissolving agents for ha fillers cause swelling or bruising? I am trying to remove some lumps caused by restylane in my lips, but I'm doing it... READ MORE

How do you recognize and treat a biofilm infection related to injections of Restalyne or Juvaderm Voluma? (photos)

2 months following facial filler injections I developed reactions to fillers under eyes and cheeks. Woke up with it. No response after 7 rounds of... READ MORE

2 week Post Tear trough Restylane injection numbness and possible permanent nerve damage?

Numb down to mouth. I have fluid stuck in my nose/cheek area down my lip area & is worse in the day. She injected Vitrase yesterday but said she's... READ MORE

If Taking Levaquin for a UTI, Can You Get Vitrase to Dissolve?

He, I'm taking levaquin 250mg twice per day for the next 5 days. I have an appt on the 3rd day to have Vitrase injected into Restylane bumps under the... READ MORE

If vitrase doesn't dissolve Restylane and voluma lumps, are there any other options? (photos)

Had a very significant allergic type of reaction to Voluma in cheeks abd Restylane in lower lids with extreme swelling 2 months after injections! 6 or... READ MORE

Nerve Palsy: R side of face due to Vitrase injection performed to reverse Restylane in tear trough which caused initial numbness

How can I speed up healing of a damaged nerve caused by an injection? I can't move my face or smile on 1 side. I'm looking for answers on proactive... READ MORE

Restylane removal from nose.

I had Restylane to one side of my nose and bridge and a small amount behind the tip on the other side. I am in the in process of having it removed and... READ MORE

Am I stuck with duck lips after a combo of the vermillion border, and actual lip injections? (Photo)

Hi, I had my vermillion border filled a week ago instead of the actual lip part. I have never gotten my lips filled before, and the Dr. assured me... READ MORE

Is there redness and swelling after Vitrase?

I had restalyne in my forehead 4 weeks ago. I experienced a lot of redness and swelling. I felt the doctor overfilled one of my lines and four weeks... READ MORE

How can I find an experienced Vitrase injector?

I called Restylane concerning lumps in my lips. They recommended Vitrase but my doctor will not do the procedure. How do you find someone that will?... READ MORE

Under eye filler created second bag

I had restylane w/cannula under the eyes by a plastic surgeon. 1 eye looks like it has a second bag, the other has so much filler in the first third... READ MORE

Bump formed during filling of under eye Restalyne. 10 months & 2 Vitrase treatments later, it's still there! Suggestion? (photo)

I received 3/4 a syringe of Restalyne from a microcannula under both eyes near the eyebrow bone. The left eye looked great, but then this... READ MORE

How long after vitrase to remove Restylane from lips can I put filler back in? Why was I left with a dent in my lip? (Photo)

When the vitrase was used it took out almost my filler which I knew was a risk. Now I want some put back in. Dent in right upper lip READ MORE

Tons of hard lumps in lips months after Restylane?

Two years ago I had juvederm and the only issue I experienced was a soft lump on my upper-lip that never went away. In attempt to even it out I had... READ MORE

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