Under Eye Bags + Restylane

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I have under eyes bags and deep hollows. Am I a candidate for Restylane injections under my eyes? (photo)

I have genetic under eye circles and deep hollows. My cheek bones are higher than my under eyes and it makes me self-concise. Would injections make my... READ MORE

2 months post op, Restylane caused blue under eye. Is this permanent? (photo)

I had half a syringe injected 2 months ago under eye, had no bruising but am Horrified of the blue puffy blue it has left!!! I now look I have bags... READ MORE

I Had Restalyne Done Under my Eyes, What a Nightmare! How Do I Get the Stuff out of my Face?

And the bags go way further out then my cheek. I am so uncomfortable looking at people. How do i make the stuff go away? READ MORE

Bag under my eye after Restylane 3 weeks ago.

A doctor putted Restylane under my eyes 3 weeks ago. I'm so afraid because I have my eyes like if I was a football player, with two big lines and a... READ MORE

I have real deep lines under my eyes and bags. What can I do to get rid of them with out surgery? (photos)

I have real deep lines under my eyes and bags. What can I do to get rid of them with out surgery? READ MORE

Restylane Injection vs blepharoplasty - what do I need? (Photo)

I've been living with very dark circles and bags under my eyes for all my life (age: 36) and would like the best treatment. My dermatologist has... READ MORE

Restylane after eye bag removal ...create another bags under the eye and wrinkles (photos)

This is my mom story before and after restylane...right now im just trying to find procedure that can correct the wrinkles line under the eyes and the... READ MORE

Bags and bunched up skin under the eyes with smiling, what can fix it?

I am 59 , at rest not smiling my Eyes look normal. smiling I have bunched up bags under my lower eyelids. What can help this without plastic surgey? READ MORE

3 wks post op Restylane in tear trough. I'm left with bags under my eyes that I've never had. Should I do hyalurondaise? (photo)

I agreed to put the Restylane in the corner of my eye, not underneath where the bags now are. Doctor says he did not over-fill/misplace. He used one... READ MORE

Should I consider tear trough filler? (photos)

I am concerned of the dark shaded puffy under eye bags. This is something recent from the beginning of this year. Please help me understand the pros &... READ MORE

Swelling under bags from overfill with Restylane. Any suggestions?

Hi, I yearly get my filler injections under eyes. It's always amazing in the end, but I generally have to hide 2-4 weeks after. This time, the day... READ MORE

Are under eye filler/Botox/ Restylane permanent?

Are under eye filler/Botox/restyline permanent? If not how long does it last. I think about getting my under eye bags/ dark circle done. The dark... READ MORE

Is this bruising or tyndall effect? (photos)

I received restylane yesterday in my tear troughs dark circles and under eye bags. At first I didn't notice much of a difference and had little... READ MORE

Will Restylane improve the look of my under eye bags? (photo)

Will restylane improve the look of my under eye circles or can anyone recommend something else? I'm aware it's not extreme but it bothers me. All... READ MORE

Had Restylane and juvederm for Under Eye Bags, Forgot to Mention I'm having Surgery for Eye bags?

I had Restalyne n Juvederm injections for my under eye bags in July n again in the 1st week of August 2012. I forgot to tell my Dr n am having my eye... READ MORE

Under eye circles/hollows/troughs fillers - all facial fillers. Good Bay Area doctor? (Photo)

My sister and I really would like to have restyline injected under our eyes due to our under eye hollows. We know it takes skilled hand to do a good... READ MORE

Restylane or Restylane plus Voluma for under eyes? (Photo)

I had a consultation for my under eye 'bags' (seeking a short & long term fix). Based on my previous research I was expecting to the Dr. to confirm... READ MORE

My under eye fillers never last more than three weeks! Three tries already! What could be happening?

Hello. I am a 29 year old woman with some undereye issues (loss of volume in the undereye area) My problem is not severe. I've had fillers injected... READ MORE

9 days after Restylane treatment and my under eye bags (tear trough) look worse than before treatment, is it normal? (photo)

Went to a real plastic surgeon,not an injection clinic.Said upon consultation to change my lifestyle and come back in 3 months if I still wanted it. I... READ MORE

What should I have done to correct the bags under my eyes? Would restaline help? (photos)

I was hoping to be able to correct or at least improve this problem with restaline PRP .. Would this be possible without getting blephoraplasty? READ MORE

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