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How Long Before Restylane Bumps in Tear Troughs Go Away?

I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs 9 months ago. After I had it done, you could see a little bluish mark under each eye where it had been... READ MORE

Latent Bruising or Tyndall Effect Following Restylane Under Eyes?

I had restylane injected under my eyes by an oculoplastic surgeon two weeks ago to correct hollowness. I had swelling for a week, but little/no... READ MORE

How to Avoid the Tyndall Effect?

Just want to be sure I understand, can the Tyndall effect be avoided by injecting under the muscle, in the tear trough area? I had this done four days... READ MORE

Blueish Tint/bruising from Restylane on Cheeks

I had my cheeks filled in with Restylane to fix hollowness. At one point, the doctor said he would use an un-crosslinked hyaluronic acid to smooth... READ MORE

Tyndall effect, overfill, or bruise? (photo)

Hello. I had restylane injected 5 -6 weeks ago under my eyes and ended up with the photos attached. I'd like to determine what the discoloration is.... READ MORE

Am I Experiencing the Restylane Tyndall Effect? (photo)

I had restylane injected under my eyes to address dark circles and slight hollowness. It has been about two weeks now and my eyes appear worse than... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect After Restylane - Surgeon Refuses to Give Hyaluronidase

Over a year ago I had Restolyne injected under my eyes. After a few months I noticed a grayish blue colour under one eye and looked it up. I went back... READ MORE

Bruising or Tyndall Effect?

I received Restylane injections in my nose to mouth lines a day ago. Straight afterwards on one side I had what I think might be a bruise. It is not... READ MORE

Ridge and discolouration under eye 1 month after Restylane injection to tear troughs. What's your opinion? (Photo)

Followup apt 2 wks later to determine if this was due to the Tyndall effect, as the swelling and discoloration were still prevalent. Doc assured me... READ MORE

Is Discoloration from Restylane Permanent?

I had restylane under my eyes three months ago and developed dark discoloration under the eyes about a week after the injections. My Dr. said it was... READ MORE

Is This Brusing/blood Clot or Tyndall Effect 9 Days After Restylane in Tear Troughs? (photo)

I had restylane in my tear troughs on 24th Jan its been 8 days today. Swelling has pretty much resolved.Doc injected abt 0.8cc both eyes combined. My... READ MORE

Will Bruising Remain After Restylane is Dissolved?

I had Restylane injected in tear troughs nearly 3 weeks ago. I had it done with a UK ocuplastic surgeon who specialises in fillers. He says that... READ MORE

Bruising or Tyndall Effect? (photo)

Got restylane injected a month ago. Is this brusing or Tyndall effect? Thank you READ MORE

Options For Treting The Tyndall Effect 7 Months Post-Restylane?

Over 7 months ago I had Restolyne injected under my eyes and cheek. I noticed a grayish blue colour under skin and i think that is Tyndall effect .... READ MORE

Please help, my doctors don't know what to do. Still tyndall effect? (Photo)

I was injected with restylane 30 january. Which left me with Dark eyelids/circles and swelling. I had it resolved over 2 times a month later. But... READ MORE

1 week post op Restylane, is this bruising, pigmentation, tyndall, swollen or over fill? (photos)

I had restylane a week ago.I had had 1 full syringe previously which looked really bad, i held too much water I think I am not sure,I had it dissolved... READ MORE

How long does it take for the Tyndall effect to go away naturally under the eyes after Restylane? (photo)

Hello I went in for restylane for dark circle correction (1 month ago) and now I look like I have not slept in years! I certainly look much worse than... READ MORE

Will the tyndall effect (discoloration around my nasolabial folds and jawlines) disappear eventually?

This is in response to the doctor's answers to my question on Restalyne leaving discoloratoin. READ MORE

Is this bruising or tyndall effect? (photos)

I received restylane yesterday in my tear troughs dark circles and under eye bags. At first I didn't notice much of a difference and had little... READ MORE

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