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How Do I Treat Granulomas / Scar Tissue Caused by Restylane in my Lips?

I had restylane injected 5 months ago, there is a small lump where the needle went in and several lumps that can be felt from inside my mouth,there is... READ MORE

Is there a reason my lip filler doesn't last more than a month?

I've tried restylane and juvederm ultra in my lips on numerous occasions. I've tried different Doctors to do the treatment too. I've also tried the... READ MORE

Can Restylane filler migration cause eye blurriness? Tear Trough treatment

I've had my eye hollows filled with Restylane about a week ago. On the day of the procedure, the doctor recommended to massage it. I may have put too... READ MORE

Would I be able to distribute 2 syringes of Restylane for my trough, nose and upper lip or? (photos)

So I have a consultation this thursday and am getting treatment the same day aswell! Would I be able to share 2 syringes of restylane for all three?... READ MORE

Restylane vital or juvederm hydrate?

I'm looking for a doc. who uses the restyling vital or juvederm hydrate for treating the undereye area fine, vertical lines. This treatment is... READ MORE

Should i choose a different doctor if the assistants are trying to persuade me?

To get a different treatment then what i came in for. If I ask for Restylene and they push Juvederm for under the eyes puffiness. READ MORE

4 weeks post treatment I have begun to notice puffiness where I had restylane in the tear trough. Is this correctable? (Photo)

I only had one tear trough done because I had hallowing under my left eye but after quite a few weeks it is starting to look like a puffy pillow. What... READ MORE

Are restylane under eye hollows, are fillers under the muscle safer?

Hello everyone Is injecting filler under the muscle as an eye hollow treatment safer than above the muscle? I am especially concerned by the risk of... READ MORE

Eyes looking more hollow after restylane injections? (Photos)

Hi! So I am a 22 year old female that has been different from under eye circles and bags my whole life. I looked up the best doctor in my area for... READ MORE

Interested in prp/restylane injection for under eye area. Wondering how to find a doctor that does this?

I have under eye hollows and dark circles (with no fat bags or pockets). I've read about a prp and restylane combination treatment and and I'm... READ MORE

Skin Damage from Saliva accumulating in corner of mouth due to Filler? How to treat given skin sensitivity? (photo)

Restylane on 30th October. My lips became increasingly sensitive, fragile, raw and seemed to rub off if I touched it, I sought the advice of a plastic... READ MORE

I got restylane filler under my eye 2.5 years ago and now seeing lines/bumps and residual discoloration. How can this be?

I went to a board certified dermatologist in Manhattan. I also recently started doing skin laundry laser treatment - could this have affected it? Just... READ MORE

Is it normal to have Restylane ripples from the injection from my upper lip towards my nose?

I had Restylane injections 5 days ago. Some swelling has gone down but now I have Restylane induration lines where it was injected going from my upper... READ MORE

Does refirm laser treatment cause damage to radiesse or shorten duration of the filler?

I have an appointment to get radiesse in next few days than I have another one for the refirm. I am concern about causing damage to radiesse with... READ MORE

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