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Can I Reverse Effects of Restylane Injected Above my Lips?

Not happy with results of injectible above mouth seems too heavy and when I smile you can tell I have had fillers, can it be reversed? READ MORE

Soft Lump over Top Lip Since Injections 2 Months Ago

Hello, I had restylane lip injections circa 2 months ago. I noticed a lump over the top of my left lip immediately after the injections, before the... READ MORE

My lips were filled and my upper lip is now protruding. (Photo)

Hi, I had my lips filled now my top lip has swelled and it protrudes over my bottom lip. They were filled yesterday so this photo is around 24hours... READ MORE

Can I Get 0.7 or 0.8ml of Restylane??

I have had 0.5ml and it wasn't enough. I feel that 1ml would be too much. I only have it in my top lip. Thanks :-) READ MORE

Can't smile properly after lip injections. Is it because I'm still recovering? (Photo)

This is my second time getting lip injections. First time I had them done (0.6ml Restalyne) everything was great. 8 months later and I decided to get... READ MORE

I have a painful swollen lip, 5 days after lip injections. What can I do to make it better? (Photo)

On Monday 21st I had my lips injected with restylane ... My bottom lip is all healed up , however my top lip has been extremely painful, overly... READ MORE

Doctor Gave Me 1cc of Restylane in Top Lip Only, Right Side Deflated! Is This Normal?

The Dr. I went to injected a full syringe of Restylane into my top lip and said it took so much due to me having TMJ and a cross bite.I bruised a LOT... READ MORE

How much Restalyne for my top lip? (photo)

I already have naturally full lips, but want the top too look a bit more plump, and definitely do not want to overdo it. I have noticed that women... READ MORE

What is an alternative to fillers for a thin top lip? I've tried restylane twice but it didn't work (Photo)

I have since read that fillers don't do much for lips if there isn't much to work with. (makes sense in hindsight) Would the bullhorn liplift fix... READ MORE

Juvederm & Restylane lip augmentation: combo of both. Which is better?

Two days ago, I had my 2nd Juvederm treatment, full syringe. Top lip only. First was 9 months ago. massage didn't help the gaps so my dr came back... READ MORE

Why do my lip fillers migrate to the middle of my top lip?

I had lip fillers (either Juvaderm or Resatylane, not sure which) a couple of weeks ago and all the product settled in the middle of my top lip, there... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase in top lip to dissolve a tiny bump from restylane that I had injected 7 yrs ago. Why have I lost volume?

I had restalayne injected into my top lip 7 years ago and 2 weeks ago I queried a tiny bump. The nurses advise was to hydase (procedure used to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hard painful lumps afte Restylane injection?

I had Restylane done three days ago. I had some injected at the corner of my mouth on both sides. I am still swollen, but I also have hard painful... READ MORE

Had Restylane injected a few hours ago and swelling has gotten extremely bad (Photo)

I had 1cc restylane injected into mainly my top lip but a little on the bottom as well. My top lip has gotten extremely swollen and I can not go out... READ MORE

Infected top lip after lip fillers. Should these antibiotics get the swelling down?

Had lip fillers over a week ago, top left hand side of lip is still swollen and infected. I'm now on antibiotics should these get the swelling down as... READ MORE

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