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Can I Reverse Effects of Restylane Injected Above my Lips?

Not happy with results of injectible above mouth seems too heavy and when I smile you can tell I have had fillers, can it be reversed? READ MORE

Can't smile properly after lip injections. Is it because I'm still recovering? (Photo)

This is my second time getting lip injections. First time I had them done (0.6ml Restalyne) everything was great. 8 months later and I decided to get... READ MORE

Soft Lump over Top Lip Since Injections 2 Months Ago

Hello, I had restylane lip injections circa 2 months ago. I noticed a lump over the top of my left lip immediately after the injections, before the... READ MORE

My lips were filled and my upper lip is now protruding. (Photo)

Hi, I had my lips filled now my top lip has swelled and it protrudes over my bottom lip. They were filled yesterday so this photo is around 24hours... READ MORE

Can I Get 0.7 or 0.8ml of Restylane??

I have had 0.5ml and it wasn't enough. I feel that 1ml would be too much. I only have it in my top lip. Thanks :-) READ MORE

Is it normal to have hard painful lumps afte Restylane injection?

I had Restylane done three days ago. I had some injected at the corner of my mouth on both sides. I am still swollen, but I also have hard painful... READ MORE

I have a painful swollen lip, 5 days after lip injections. What can I do to make it better? (Photo)

On Monday 21st I had my lips injected with restylane ... My bottom lip is all healed up , however my top lip has been extremely painful, overly... READ MORE

Doctor Gave Me 1cc of Restylane in Top Lip Only, Right Side Deflated! Is This Normal?

The Dr. I went to injected a full syringe of Restylane into my top lip and said it took so much due to me having TMJ and a cross bite.I bruised a LOT... READ MORE

How much Restalyne for my top lip? (photo)

I already have naturally full lips, but want the top too look a bit more plump, and definitely do not want to overdo it. I have noticed that women... READ MORE

Juvederm & Restylane lip augmentation: combo of both. Which is better?

Two days ago, I had my 2nd Juvederm treatment, full syringe. Top lip only. First was 9 months ago. massage didn't help the gaps so my dr came back... READ MORE

What is an alternative to fillers for a thin top lip? I've tried restylane twice but it didn't work (Photo)

I have since read that fillers don't do much for lips if there isn't much to work with. (makes sense in hindsight) Would the bullhorn liplift fix... READ MORE

Infected top lip after lip fillers. Should these antibiotics get the swelling down?

Had lip fillers over a week ago, top left hand side of lip is still swollen and infected. I'm now on antibiotics should these get the swelling down as... READ MORE

Why do my lip fillers migrate to the middle of my top lip?

I had lip fillers (either Juvaderm or Resatylane, not sure which) a couple of weeks ago and all the product settled in the middle of my top lip, there... READ MORE

Lip injections - 8 days post op top lip still hard, swollen! Worried! (photos)

I had 1/2 syringe restalayne in lips 7 days ago. Still swollen on the one side, not sore exactly, but hard / firm swelling with two spots (hematomas?)... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase in top lip to dissolve a tiny bump from restylane that I had injected 7 yrs ago. Why have I lost volume?

I had restalayne injected into my top lip 7 years ago and 2 weeks ago I queried a tiny bump. The nurses advise was to hydase (procedure used to... READ MORE

Had Restylane injected a few hours ago and swelling has gotten extremely bad (Photo)

I had 1cc restylane injected into mainly my top lip but a little on the bottom as well. My top lip has gotten extremely swollen and I can not go out... READ MORE

I had Restylane injections in my lips and now have a permanent defect? What can I do to get my lips back to normal? (photos)

I had the injections of Restylane done over a year ago and still have a lump on my right top lip. It makes my smile look uneven. I have had... READ MORE

Uneven top lip, should I get more lip filler on one side? (photos)

I had restalyne injected into my top and bottom lip. One side of my top lip is a little larger than the other. It's raised a bit higher and more... READ MORE

I was injected with Restylane 0.8ml, is this swelling normal? Did the doctor make a mistake? (photos)

Today I got lip injections for the 2nd time. Last time another doctor injected 0.8 ml belotero (canule) Today a new practitioner injected 0.8 ml... READ MORE

I had Restylane put in top and bottom lip. Bottom fine. Top right side hard and red. Will my top lip go down? (Photo)

I had restalin put in top and lower lip. Bottom lip soft and fine. Top right hard and red. Look like a monkey. Will it go or should I get dissolved. READ MORE

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