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How Does a Physician Know Exactly What Layer S/he is Injecting a Filler Into?

When a physician is placing a dermal filler, how is s/he able to tell which layer of the skin the filler is actually being deposited? For example, is... READ MORE

Fern Pattern Technique of Injecting Restylane

Do you know anyone who does this technique? Is it better than the usual linear approach for lip augmentation? Is it good around the mouth for... READ MORE

Is there a reason my lip filler doesn't last more than a month?

I've tried restylane and juvederm ultra in my lips on numerous occasions. I've tried different Doctors to do the treatment too. I've also tried the... READ MORE

I Have Already Had a Full Syringe of Restylane in the Tear Trough and Still Need More!

I still show an indentation (w/puffiness) on ONE side of my face, right above my cheek. I hesitate to put more--where is it all going? The filler was... READ MORE

Type of Restylane filler and injection technique for under eyes?

Which Restylane subtype (R.Classic, R.Silk, R.Perlane, R.SubQ, R.Volyme, R.Lyft) do you think provides best results in treating under eyes? In terms... READ MORE

What product would be best to treat my tear trough area? (photos)

Is the cannula method for they eyes a good technique for this area? Is my fair skin to light for fillers? READ MORE

Restylane ridges and lumps. Is this just a bad reaction or a technique error? (Photo)

I received a total of 3ml of Restylane to my tear troughs & cheeks, following a consult in which I was told .5ml would probably do the trick. I saw... READ MORE

I see no difference from having 1ml of Restylane, is this down to poor technique or do I need more? (photo)

I recently had 1ml of restylane objected into my lips and see no difference. This was 5 days ago, and I feel as if I have wasted my money as they look... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor who uses a technique involving many tiny injections of Restylane for facial rejuvenation?

This technique worked especially well for me for filling in lines and wrinkles around my mouth, but it worked well in other areas of my face, too. A... READ MORE

Are restylane under eye hollows, are fillers under the muscle safer?

Hello everyone Is injecting filler under the muscle as an eye hollow treatment safer than above the muscle? I am especially concerned by the risk of... READ MORE

24 hours post restylane injection extremely red? (Photo)

Is this blood red line running along the injection site normal at 24 hrs. I expected swelling but is this blood pooling right beneath my skin normal?... READ MORE

27 year old female developing nasolabial folds. Best options for reducing the rapid appearance? (photos)

I am a thin 27 y/o female who looks younger, but my nasolabial lines are now giving me away.I take great care of my body through nutrition &... READ MORE

Restylane injected under my eyes and now I have bags, is this normal?

I had restylane injected under my eyes 2 weeks ago and I still have some slight bags under my eyes. They appeared the morning after I was injected. My... READ MORE

Atrophic scarring: is subcision needed before filler? (Photos)

I am 10 days post my second round of restylane. I went in hoping to get the residual bumps assessed and get the atrophic area injected with more. But... READ MORE

Why do I swell from Restylane lip injections with some doctors but not others?

Is the difference in degree of swelling I've experienced, down to the doctor's technique or is it a matter of luck/bad luck? My experience is set out... READ MORE

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