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Under Eye Restylane Massive Swelling? (photo)

I had restylane under my eyes injected yesterday almost 1 cc each side. Procedure was painless and instant results were astonishing. I have never... READ MORE

Sore and aching jaw after Restylane injections in lips.

I got half a syringe of restylane injected into both my lips yesterday and today im having an aching pain in the back of my jaw near my ear could this... READ MORE

Had Filler Injected in Right Side of Lips, Now It's Tender And Sore, Normal?

I had filler injected 2 days ago to correct an issue with my lips. I now have a large red mark on my right cheek going up to my nose. And, my lip... READ MORE

Can I have a back massage 24 hours after my first restylane injections under my eyes?

Before I decided to get restylane injections under my eyes I had an acupuncture / chiropractic appointment scheduled for the next day. Today I'm... READ MORE

Restalyne did not work for my wife. Why? (photos)

My wife underwent a 1.5 syringes of Restylane to give her some shape and fullness to her very thin lips. Upon departure from the Dr's office she could... READ MORE

Tissue loss following Restylane Kysse - advice needed - will this cause scarring? What should I do? (photos)

Restylane Kysse on the 30th of October. Juvederm volift 5 months ago. Since the Restylane, my lips have become raw, sore and exposed and have... READ MORE

Restylane injection to nose.. Hard line on injection site with swelling (Photo)

It's been 16 hours since restylane has been injected in nose.. Initially after injection there was little soreness and minimal swelling and redness..... READ MORE

What is this from Restylane? (Photo)

Hello Got my filler done with Restalyne about a week ago. Initially this was thought to be a hematoma as it was a hard lump and very sore to touch... READ MORE

Go back to doctor? Go to urgent care? (photos)

Tried Restylane 2 days ago from a reputable doctor, injection was for the crease in the middle of my forehead which is red, sore and swollen... READ MORE

I had Restylane inserted in my tear troughs 12/13. I noticed a bump on the right side right away. What are my options? (Photo)

Last week I developed an infection under my right eye. I woke up one day and my lower eyelid was sore. I went to my primary physician and they... READ MORE

Sore skin and peeling lips after Restylane - delayed hypersensitivity reaction? (Photo)

I had Resatylane Kysse treatment Friday 30th October). The swelling and the bruising has gone down; however the skin on my lips feels strangely... READ MORE

Restylane lip fillers; I had 0.5ml of lip filler 3 days ago and since got a really bad sore throat and swollen gums?

Hi i had 0.5ml of lip filler 3 days ago and since got a really bad sore throat and swollen gums? is this common and am i ok to take antibiotics and... READ MORE

I had Restylane in the lower eye area almost 4 months ago and now my left tear trough just became really swollen.

I went back and have the dissolver injected due to some lumps at around the 6 week mark and then again around the 9 week one. The lumps never really... READ MORE

Sore lump in my upper lip after 2 months of Restylane injections. Any suggestions?

One week after Restylane injections in my lips I had an herpes that took 10 days to heal. Herpes was gone but still there is a little sore lump in my... READ MORE

What can I do? My lips are terribly sore and lumpy after restylane injection? (Photos)

My lips healed within 2 days after first receiving 1mL of restylane injection. It's now 2 months later and I have extremely painful, hard lumps all... READ MORE

Restylane and heat waves. Can too much heat cause swelling, tenderness and movement?

Been in a major heat wave for 10 days and it's suppose to last another week or so. I've noticed where the restylane was injected, the areas are... READ MORE

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