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Restylane, Botox, or Laser Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hi there! I just turned 40 and noticed these horrible wrinkles under my eyes when I smile. They are just fine lines when not smiling. I don't really... READ MORE

Under my Eyes Looks Terrible when I Smile. Why? (photo)

In a resting facial position my eyes look fine but when I smile I look terrible. The skin bunches up to give me bags and wrinkles. I just took these... READ MORE

Pain, Hardness, Difficulty Smiling After Restylane Lip Injections

I had Restylane injected into my lips 13 hours ago. The redness has went away, but the pain is unbearable still. My lips feel hard and pouty (I like... READ MORE

Will Under Eye Restylane Injection Be Noticeable when Smiling?

I am considering having Restylane in the hollows under my eyes. Will the filler be noticeable when I smile or give me a frozen look? READ MORE

3 days post op Restylane, I have uneven hard lump mostly on the left side of both, top and bottom lips. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello and thanks for taking this question. I got my lips injected w restylane 3 days ago and they look uneven on top of that, the left side of top,... READ MORE

My Smile Looks Crazy After Restylane. Should I Go to the Same Person to Fix It?

Im going back on wednesday for a follow up but the girl who injected me said she would add more for free to even it out if it needs it but it looks... READ MORE

Can't smile properly after lip injections. Is it because I'm still recovering? (Photo)

This is my second time getting lip injections. First time I had them done (0.6ml Restalyne) everything was great. 8 months later and I decided to get... READ MORE

I'm 27 year-old with lax crepey skin and wrinkles under eyes. Restylane, Juvaderm, or Laser Treatment? (photos)

I've always had under eye wrinkles when I smiled. Last year I realized how wrinkly, thin and crepey the skin under my eyes look. I aged 5 years in a... READ MORE

My lips were filled and my upper lip is now protruding. (Photo)

Hi, I had my lips filled now my top lip has swelled and it protrudes over my bottom lip. They were filled yesterday so this photo is around 24hours... READ MORE

I Had Perlane in Nasal Folds and Restalyne in Upper Lip. Now Look Like a Duck & Can't Smile, Is It Permanent?

And look weird when I smile.Is this because of swelling and please tell me it will go away.It was done 15 hrs ago:( READ MORE

Can't smile after restylane 3 weeks ago (photos)

I had restylane injections 3 weeks ago. 2 or 3 days later I couldn't raise my upper lip. When I smile my upper lip stays even with the bottom of my... READ MORE

Can Nasolabial Restylane Be Placed Too High and Cause Smile Creases?

I had Restylane 1ml in my naso folds 6 weeks ago. Right after I had chipmunk cheeks, when I smiled huge creases under my eyes that I never had.... READ MORE

Restylane Has Not Dissolved After 15 Years and is Deforming my Smile?

I had restylane injected in my lips 15 years ago. It still has not dissolved. I tried a couple of hyaluronidase injections 7 years but it hasn't... READ MORE

Bags and bunched up skin under the eyes with smiling, what can fix it?

I am 59 , at rest not smiling my Eyes look normal. smiling I have bunched up bags under my lower eyelids. What can help this without plastic surgey? READ MORE

Restylane in tear troughs looks worse. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel my eyes look more tired now and when I smile it really indents so I don't smile anymore. What should I do? READ MORE

What do think this lump under my eye is? I had restalyne about a year ago and now I have this ugly lump when I smile. (photo)

About a year ago I had restalyne under my eyes and the eye that has the lump was significantly more bruised than the other eye when I had it done. Now... READ MORE

Is it normal for lips to be EXTREMELY hard 4 days after fillers? Hard to smile & eat due to stiffness. (photos)

I got restylane fillers in my lips 4 days ago. For the first 24-36 hours I was in severe pain, taking both ibuprofen & paracetamol & teeth & gums felt... READ MORE

Undereye restylane problem when I smile? (photo)

Hi. i had restylane vital placed under my eyes to treat my eyes' hollowness. Now after 3 weeks it looks okay when i don't smile. But when I smile, it... READ MORE

Restylane bumps: I had restylane in my upper lip 13 days ago. (photo)

I went again for a touch up yesterday only to fix assymetry in the mid section of my lip (hence the bruising). My concern is with the bumps at the... READ MORE

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