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How Do I Treat Granulomas / Scar Tissue Caused by Restylane in my Lips?

I had restylane injected 5 months ago, there is a small lump where the needle went in and several lumps that can be felt from inside my mouth,there is... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Restylane Irregularities in Lips 5 Months After Injection?

I had restylane injected in my upper lip 5 months ago, I can feel lumps on the inside of my lip, one small visible one where the needle went in in the... READ MORE

After Restylane - 5-fu or Corticosteroids Scar Tissue in Lip

Thankyou for the advice I have recieved.I got my records and yes it actually was restylane injected I did bruise alot, so some have said that could... READ MORE

Can Restylane Cause Additional Scar Tissue when Injected into Scar?

Last week I had a very small amount of restylane injected into my lip. I had alot of product left over so my doctor suggested I use it to treat an old... READ MORE

Will Intra-oral Incision to Remove Restylane Lump Cause Facial Sagging?

I have a large lump, which I think is a scar tissue on my cheek, caused by (Restylane) done over 4 years ago. I already had kenalog and hylauronidase,... READ MORE

Restylane or Wedge Resection for Lip Scar?

Ten months ago, I passed out from dehydration the morning I was to have bowel surgery and landed face down. I split my chin and bottom lip (through... READ MORE

Hyalurondaise after restylane; does waiting too long before dissolving under eyes cause permanent damage?

I had restylane in my tear trough and under eyes. It did not work out well with my eyes and looks swollen, have ridges and dark lines under each eye.... READ MORE

How soon can I get restylane after Kenalog injection?

I had a Kenalog 40 injection into a raised hypertrophic incision scar which got rid of the all the scar tissue in a week. I have read the Kenalog... READ MORE

Is this undissolved Restylane or scar tissue? (photos)

I had 1ml restylane injection 3 years ago and it looks like only 40% (or less) has dissolved. The upper image was taken 3 months after injection and... READ MORE

Scar tissue after Restylane lip injection? (photos)

Hi!I got lip injections 3 months ago and about month ago started noticing a lump above my upper lip.(don't mind the asymmetry,thats how my lips are).... READ MORE

Restylane Nose Injection Gone Wrong - What to Do?? (photos)

I received 3 restylane injections in my nose within half year while studying abroad. At the end of the 3rd injection, my nose root had a very wide and... READ MORE

Can serrapeptase enzymes affect fillers?

Hi I am taking Serra enzymes for scar tissue / lump left over from a procedure on my face as I was told it can help eat away unwanted tissue. I also... READ MORE

Scar tissue from Restalyne injected Sept 2013? (Photo)

I have had a depressed scar on my face from an accident my whole life. I receive Restalyne injections 3 times total for 3 years. My skin around the... READ MORE

Lump from internal scar tissue from Restylane injections in tear trough. What can I do? (photos)

A year ago I had restylane injected in my tear troughs to address my dark circles. I didn't like how they looked so I had them injected w/... READ MORE

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