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Can Restylane Injections Damage my Eyes?

I will be having Restylane injected for my under eye hollows. I am so afraid. I worry about retinal occulusion, and blindness. I also worry about long... READ MORE

Buying Restylane Online and Injecting Yourself?

Hello, Can and should i buy restylane injections online and is it safe to inject yourself with instructed safety percautions READ MORE

Restylane or Juvederm Injection Safe and Effective for Under Eyes?

Is it safe and effective to have Restylane or Juvederm injected under the eyes for hollowness? If so, which is better? I had a lower blepharoplasty 8... READ MORE

How Safe is Restylane Between the Eyes?

Bewteen my eyes I have atrophic scarring (tissue lost from cystic acne) made pronounced by frown lines; in other words, the depressed area makes the... READ MORE

Restylane a Good Option to Smooth out Under Eye Wrinkles Caused by Botox?

I had 14 units of Botox for Crows feet done 5 weeks ago & SO regret it. It knocked out my crows feet completely yet now when I smile I have large... READ MORE

Is Botox and Restylane Safe for Patient Under Lupus Medication?

I have had Lupus for 26 years and this is under control with Prednislone and Azathioprine. Could you tell me if there are any condraindications with... READ MORE

Safe to Have Nurse Inject Restylane?

I am looking for a doctor that does fillers such as Restylane, however I am finding that most places have nurses who perform this procedure. Is that... READ MORE

Getting Restalyne 1ML on Lips Done for the First Time & Flying out in 5 Days

Hi im just getting restalyne done for the first time, Just one ML and im just wandering if i will be okay to travel internationally in five days? Im... READ MORE

Restylane Safe After Radiation Treatment?

I had radiation treatments on my neck for base of tongue cancer.It subsequently damaged the skin on my chin, and caused many wrinkles. I would like to... READ MORE

Safe to Use Restylane Following Breast Cancer?

I had breast cancer in 08 and am now taking Tamoxifen. Is it safe for me to use Restylane? READ MORE

Are Off-label Uses of Restylane Injection Safe?

How do you know if an injectable (like Restylane injections) is safe for a use that it is not specifically approved for -- like injecting the back... READ MORE

Are Restylane and Juviderm Safe on Immunosuppressed Patients?

Are Restylane and Juviderm Safe on Immunosuppressed Patients? READ MORE

Is Q-Med Filler Similar to Restylane?

I am considering a purchase of the Q-Med filler online from Sweden. Does this product have the same properties as Restylane? Is it just as safe to... READ MORE

Restylane-L Injected W/ Extra Lidocaine and Epinephrine; Is This Safe?

I recently consulted with a board certified facial plastic surgeon about Restylane injections in the lower eyelid/upper cheek area. He explained to me... READ MORE

Which filler is best for tear troughs? (Photo)

Im at my mid 30s. There is not much fat under my eyes. I am thinking to have a filler to correct my tear troughs and dark circles. Which filler... READ MORE

Restylane OK with Latex Allergy?

Can I do restylane if I'm allergic to latex? READ MORE

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