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Why Not Restylane or Juvederm While Pregnant?

I'm wondering if hyaluronic fillers can harm my unborn child? If so, how? From what I know about Restylane/Juvederm they are very natural and they... READ MORE

Long-term After Tear Trough Fillers

Hi, I had restylane and teosyal fillers injected last night for tear troughs. So far not too bad but swollen on one side particularly. I am now... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Known Risks and Complications?

I have very fair skin and hollow ridges under my eyes that I was born with. I'm researching treatment, and became interested in Restylane, but it is... READ MORE

Risks of Restylane on Upper Eyelids for Sunken Eyes

Hi there, I wore glasses until I was 26 y/o. For this reason, my eyes are quite sunken in my face. I was considering the idea of undergoing a... READ MORE

Dermal fillers associated with blindness?

Hi, I would love to do dermal filler in my lips but I have read about the serious complication of blindness. I have very poor vision in one eye... READ MORE

Risky to Use Both Restylane and Juvederm?

Can I use Restylane around my tear troughs and Juvederm plus around my nasal area down to mouth corners? Or am I putting my self at risk? READ MORE

Restylane Injections - What Risks Are There for an Insulin Dependent Diabetic?

I would like to have restylane injections to my upper lip however I am diabetic.  There are surely other diabetics that have had this procedure... READ MORE

Deeper Restylane Injection to Lessen Chance of Doughnut-like Scarring?

Previously, I had Restylane in cheeks to replace lost volume and to fill depressed acne scars. Initial results/swelling were fantastic, but eventual... READ MORE

Self-injecting Restylane Medically Unethical?

I have seen ads online from dermatologists and board certified plastic surgeons who advertise an injection price for the patient's own Restylane. I... READ MORE

Are Restylane and Juviderm Safe on Immunosuppressed Patients?

Are Restylane and Juviderm Safe on Immunosuppressed Patients? READ MORE

Risks of Repeated Injections and Damage to the Skin with Dermal Fillers?

Hi, I’ve been getting filler (perlane) injections for about 5 years mainly tear-trough as otherwise I always look tired :( They've been a few times a... READ MORE

Is Q-Med Filler Similar to Restylane?

I am considering a purchase of the Q-Med filler online from Sweden. Does this product have the same properties as Restylane? Is it just as safe to... READ MORE

Restylane and Blindness?

I am having a disagreement with my doctor over the use of Restylane around the eyes. My doctors insists that it is safe. However, I have heard that... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Juvederm, Restylane Fillers if You Previously Had Teosyal Ultra Deep?

Is it safe to use Juvederm, Restylane fillers if you previously had Teosyal ultra deep injected? Teosyal was injected 16 months ago and wondering if... READ MORE

Restylane Immediately After Fraxel Laser?

Can I have Restylane injections after I do my Fraxel laser? Is it safe? If not, how many days or weeks should I do it and what would happen if I do it... READ MORE

Other Restylane-associated Issues to Watch out For?

I have lupus and keloid, as well as difficulty healing. I use acupuncture, occasional steriods and a number of Chinese, holistic mediciine including... READ MORE

Is it safe to inject restylane into the tear trough with a needle?

Both doctors that I consulted with said they used needles and not cannulas. I asked about the risk of blindness and both said it was rare. Even if the... READ MORE

What Are my Risks of Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens from a Used Syringe of Restylane?

Hat are my risks of exposure to Bloodborne pathogens from a used syringe of Restylane? Isn't this malpractice? My employer did this without my... READ MORE

Concerned of Having an Intense Inflammatory Response to Restylane, How Can I Verify Before Injecting?

I have dark eye circles under my eyes. I want to fill this with Restylane. But i am afriad to do this becaue i am allergic to many... READ MORE

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