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How Long Before Restylane Bumps in Tear Troughs Go Away?

I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs 9 months ago. After I had it done, you could see a little bluish mark under each eye where it had been... READ MORE

Restylane Downtime and Recovery

How many days of recovery time can I expect with Restylane? Can I have it done in the morning and go to work without anyone really noticing? READ MORE

How Long to Use Ice Pack After Restylane?

I had restylane injection in the early afternoon. should i use ice pack? READ MORE

Restylane: Why can't I have a glass of wine? My Doc said "no alcohol!". Why is this? What would happen? (photo)

Had injections at Noon (MDT). What are effects of alcohol, and why did he tell me "no alcohol" Thanks! READ MORE

Recovery Time from Swelling and Bruising from Juvederm or Restylane?

I'm looking to do either Juvederm or Restylane injections for my under-eye bags to smooth out the hollows and puffiness.How long should I... READ MORE

Is Being Told Not to Smile for the First Day After Restylan Injections and Swelling Normal?

I just got my first injections of Restylan from my nose to my mouth, cheeks, verticle lines in upper lip and drooping lines at the corner of my mouth.... READ MORE

How Swollen is Normal for Restylane Injections in Under Tear Troughs?

I was injected on Friday morning (by a very experienced doctor) and was VERY swollen by Friday afternoon. 1 vial under each eye, very deep. The same... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

How long after a Rhinoplasty should I wait to inject Restylane for undereye I just underwent Rhinoplasty surgery 1-week ago and wanted to use... READ MORE

Restylane Immediately After Fraxel Laser?

Can I have Restylane injections after I do my Fraxel laser? Is it safe? If not, how many days or weeks should I do it and what would happen if I do it... READ MORE

Is there redness and swelling after Vitrase?

I had restalyne in my forehead 4 weeks ago. I experienced a lot of redness and swelling. I felt the doctor overfilled one of my lines and four weeks... READ MORE

I got a bruise after Restylane injection (Photo)

After 72hrs of chin injection , the bruise seems turn red purple now . Will it be recovered? I am so worried !! Even though the pain is fading. READ MORE

Will my face recover? My lower face is saggy and sore

I allowed a Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon to inject 3 mls Resty in my temples and 3 mls in my chin/jawline. The temples are OK, but I had the... READ MORE

Hollowing under eye after injection of Restylane. (Photos)

I had restylane injection under my eyes and it was well but after aweek the area of injection exposed for excess heat and inflamed so i tried to put... READ MORE

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