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I Had Restylane Injections 5 Hours Ago and I Am in Extreme Pain! What is Going On?

This is my 2nd time doing anything like this. The previous experience was not this painful! Injections were done in laugh lines, marionette lines and... READ MORE

What Might Affect the Amount of Swelling and Feel of Restylane in the Lips?

I have had my lips injected with Juvederm and Restylane many times, always by the same nurse. I never had severe swelling in the past. This is the... READ MORE

Restylane Injections Only Lasted Three Days?

So my sister and I both had Restylene injections for our lips the same day and same person. (A nurse/aesthetician who is the surgeons wife)It looked... READ MORE

Why do my lips keep swelling up? (Photo)

I had my lips done with restylane about 10 days ago. The first day they were severely swollen but after 48 hours they looked great. After 4-5 days I... READ MORE

Why is my filler not lasting ?

I've had a total of 1 mL of restalyne injected into my upper lip. They look great when I leave and the next morning but in a weeks time it seems like... READ MORE

Restylane tear trough swelling 9 months after injection, once a month, same time each month. Hormonal? Why and why now? (Photo)

Hello. 32 year old female, had restyllane in tear troughs about 10 months ago. Last couple of months I have had some swelling that lasts for a few of... READ MORE

Swelling and white lines after Restylane in Tear Trough 8 days after treatment. Why is this? Will it all settle down? (Photo)

Had restylane injected into tear troughs 8 days ago. Ridges near cheekbones disorting shape & White lines along my tear trough. Seen Doc since, said... READ MORE

Why do my lip fillers migrate to the middle of my top lip?

I had lip fillers (either Juvaderm or Resatylane, not sure which) a couple of weeks ago and all the product settled in the middle of my top lip, there... READ MORE

Restalyne injection, bad black eye. Is there anything that could've prevented this?

I had Restalyne injected into my tear troughs about 36 hours ago. One side barely shows a mark, the other is appears to be a legitimate black eye,... READ MORE

Bruises from Restylane. Why is this happening?

I've been getting injections/fillers for 10 years & never bruised. Recently I've seen a new doctor and I get bruises every time I get injected.... READ MORE

Why has my face shape changed with Restylane?

Hi, got restalyne injections in my tear throughs and marionette lines about a month ago and have been feeling really unhappy with the results.... READ MORE

Restylane keeps disolving in lip injections. Fat transfer disappeared too. Why?

1 syringe of restalyn gone in 3 wks Fat transfer to lips under sedation gone in 3wks 2 Free syringes of restalyn gone in 3weeks. Why is this... READ MORE

Why is Restylane SubQ not marketed in the United States?

I live outside the usa and my doctor redommended augmenting my chin with restylane sub q, but im not sure if its fda approved and why is it not used... READ MORE

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