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Does Restylane Cause Acne or is This a Coincidence?

I had Restylane for nasolabial lines about 6 months ago and ever since I have had acne breakouts constantly along those lines now with pretty constant... READ MORE

Can the Doctor Test Us Beforehand to Make Sure We Are Not Allergic to Restylane?

If I decide to get this done can they maybe inject a little spot on my hand or somewhere before just to make sure I'm not allergic or going to... READ MORE

Can an Injection of Restylane, Hyaluronic Acid Cause Other Allergic Reactions?

Have never had any food allergies got a spa treatment of 2 injections of restalyn around, lips, folds and a few days later suffered a major throat... READ MORE

Dual Laser then 1.5 Weeks Later Had Restylane. Same Day Pimples/itching Mid Face. Why?

Had dual fraxel laser Nov. 29th, then restylane 1cc. injected under eyes and a little bit in lip on Dec. 8th. My face was just a little pink by that... READ MORE

Severe Swelling and Burning After Restalyne in my Cheek Area. 5 Days Post Injection is This Normal?

I had restalyne under my eyes and small amount around my lips 5 days ago i reacted with severe bruising and on the left side my cheek, nose, upper lip... READ MORE

Will I Have A Reaction to Restylane Under My Eyes or Not?

What Can I Do to Check if the Restylane Under my Eyes Will Make Bad Reactions to Mye Eyes or Not?? I Need Help READ MORE

Inflammatory reaction to Restylane. How do I safely get this stuff from migrating and causing more damage?

I am having an inflammatory reaction to restylane. It has been 6 months. Severe headache, pain at base of skull and neck. Large lump of goo removed... READ MORE

Would this reaction to restylane be worrisome? (Photo)

Is this a normal reaction to Restylane on the first day? READ MORE

Restylane lip fillers bad reaction, even after 8 months? (photo)

I have been using teosyal on my lips once a year since 2010. 2013 i went to another doct. and he used restylane. 2 months after I start to feel my... READ MORE

I'm worried I'm having an adverse reaction to Restalyne & want to know if I am & if diluting the Restalyne would help? (photos)

Nine days ago I went in for a restalyne filler treatment under the eyes and restalyne silk for the lips. I had major swelling for 5 days, then on the... READ MORE

HYALASE made my lips awful?

Hello, I had a juvederm filler into my lips as they were to big after 10 days I have the hyalase injections. The bad thing was that I had an allergic... READ MORE

After only .5 lip injection of restylane very swollen. (photos)

I had a .5 of restaline injected into my lips today and my lips were a normal size when I left the doctor. They keep swelling and hurt and there is a... READ MORE

Restylane lip filler bad reaction! What can i do?

I have been using teosyal on my lips once a year since 2010. 2013 i went to another doct. and he used restylane. 2 months after I start to feel my... READ MORE

It is possible I have developed a reaction to Restylane used in my tear tough?

At various time my eyes swell and become tender and red. I have been to my physician and an eye doctor and there seems to be no infection or any other... READ MORE

Restylane allergic reaction? (Photos)

I have had Restylane injections in my lips 3 months ago, and now a recurrent swelling has occurred, my lips are absolutely huge and I went back to the... READ MORE

How do I counteract lip injection swelling? (Photo)

I had restylane lip injections 11 weeks ago and I'm having a major reaction now. Major swelling in the right upper, lower left, and left nasal labial... READ MORE

Restylane ridges and lumps. Is this just a bad reaction or a technique error? (Photo)

I received a total of 3ml of Restylane to my tear troughs & cheeks, following a consult in which I was told .5ml would probably do the trick. I saw... READ MORE

Why isn't Hyanluronidase working to dissolve my restylane fillers under my eyes? (photos)

I had Restylane fillers 4 weeks ago under my eyes. I noticed the next day I had a horrible reaction. I notified my doctor, he ask me to come in a week... READ MORE

Sore skin and peeling lips after Restylane - delayed hypersensitivity reaction? (Photo)

I had Resatylane Kysse treatment Friday 30th October). The swelling and the bruising has gone down; however the skin on my lips feels strangely... READ MORE

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