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Can Restylane Work for Puffy Eyes?

Since i gave birth, i have puffy eyes and im considering having restylane injections. there are any side effects? READ MORE

Does Restylane Cause Puffiness in Hollow Tear Troughs?

I have hollow tear troughs with thin skin but heard that fillers cause puffiness when injected into that area. My eyes don't have any bags now, I... READ MORE

Restylane Side Effects Even After a Year

I injected Restylane under my eyes, I immediately felt that my left eye was different, it was puffy and bruised, I waited a month but it was the... READ MORE

What to Do with Restylane Puffiness and Streaks?

I had Restylane done 5 months ago and I have a brown-blue mark under my eyes. I also have puffiness, and brown streaks the size of tic-tacs under each... READ MORE

2 months post op, Restylane caused blue under eye. Is this permanent?

I had half a syringe injected 2 months ago under eye, had no bruising but am Horrified of the blue puffy blue it has left!!! I now look I have bags... READ MORE

Should I consider tear trough filler? (photos)

I am concerned of the dark shaded puffy under eye bags. This is something recent from the beginning of this year. Please help me understand the pros &... READ MORE

Restylane vs perlane for under eye bags?

I want to get some injectable fillers to improve the look of my puffy eye bags and dark eye circles. Usually, how many syringes do i need for... READ MORE

Restylane Under the Eyes With History of Puffiness & Urticaria-like Reactions?

I am considering Resytlane injections to fill in my lower eyelid/upper cheek junction. I am a little concerned because I usually wake up every morning... READ MORE

How long will the swelling last and why did my eye swell? Will my face stay like this forever?

Im 34 yrs old, I had restyline lyft put in laugh lines for the first on feb. 11th 2016, after getting it done I liked it, I had no bruising or... READ MORE

I've had Restylane injected in my tear troughs and have since developed puffy bags. Any suggestions?

It's probably been over a year since the last injection, possibly longer. Is there anything that can be done to reverse this? I'd rather have dark... READ MORE

Can you experience a reaction to restalyne cheek filler 4 months later? Woke up with puffy eyes and warm cheeks?

Not eaten anything out the ordinary and I don't suffer from hay fever . Can you experience a reaction to restalyne cheek filler 4 months later? Woke... READ MORE

Is Restylane appropriate in my case? (Photo)

I have had under eye puffiness and discoloration most of my life making me look very tired. I also have very prominent veins under the right eye. Is... READ MORE

When will this horrible bruise disappear? (Photo)

I had Restylane injected under my eyes yesterday. My right eye barely bruised but the left eye looks terrible. I know this could happened and I know... READ MORE

Eye bags and puffy dark edema after Restylane - Hyalase resolved this, but it's returned? Why? Am I damaged permanently? (Photo)

Restylane injected undereye which caused huge problems - Dr overfilled and badly bruised me, leaving Tyndall effect for 8 wks insisting it was normal.... READ MORE

Puffy cheeks/eyes after filler. (photos)

I got restylane and the result was perfect for about 6 weeks. now, i am having these ugly bags under my eyes/on my cheek on both side:(... did the... READ MORE

Puffy eyes after Restylane didn't go away after 7 days ! Please help

Hi! I inject restylane 7 days ago under my eyes bag and I didn't have any bruise but I do have puffy eyes seem to me like I was having so much... READ MORE

Should i choose a different doctor if the assistants are trying to persuade me?

To get a different treatment then what i came in for. If I ask for Restylene and they push Juvederm for under the eyes puffiness. READ MORE

How long do I have to wait before I know surely that it's not just swollen? (photos)

I got tear trough about 5 days ago. I got swollen but feel and look like Iam still swollen and also in my cheekbones up towards. My under eyes also... READ MORE

Restylane injections under both my eyes resulted in puffiness or swelling under one eye in the upper cheek area. Is this normal?

I had Restylane injections under both my eyes two days ago. A quarter of a syringe under one eye and the other 3/4 in the other eye. The eye that took... READ MORE

After injecting Restylane into my tear troughs my under eyes are puffy and have dropped, any suggestions? (Photo)

I had Restylane classic put in my tear troughs in December, it looked like it dropped and created a puff below the undereye area. She removed it... READ MORE

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