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Is Swelling/my Smile Looking Weird Normal After Perlane/restylane in Mid-cheek/NSF Normal?

I got one syringe of perlane placed mid-cheek yesterday&one syringe of restylane for my NSF. Today, my face looks puffy&my smile looks... READ MORE

Restylane undereye filler injection and pain around eye afterward. What could be causing this? Could there be internal bruising?

I had an Restylane filler injection in the under-eye area for both eyes the past Wed. and have been having pain in the right eye area. I did not have... READ MORE

Puffy and swollen on one side of my cheek after getting restylane injected on cheeks and tear trough. Is this normal?

Hello, I received injections on both cheeks and tear trough yesterday, and the results looks great. I also apply ice pak on them. I woke up today with... READ MORE

What is causing swelling/ puffiness months after Restylane tear trough filler? (photo)

I am a 33 year old female, I received Restylane tear trough injections about 16 months ago from a board certified plastic surgeon. I had no issues and... READ MORE

Did my Restalyne Migrate?

Hi - I just got restalyne in my cheeks and smile lines. All seems decent (this is two days ago) and now I see and feel a long hard 'line' below my... READ MORE

I Had a Full Syringe of Restylane and I Still Show an Indentation/tear Trough W/puffiness!

How much can I possibly inject? While it looks a lot better, I am disappointed it has failed to fill in the area enough so I do not look tired. How... READ MORE

Restylane 2.5 weeks ago. I have puffiness, bags and maybe discolouration under my eye. What's happening? Overfill? (Photo)

I had restylane injected under my eye and I have puffiness and a line under my right eye. Whats happening? its been 2.5. weeks and nothing has... READ MORE

Is 32 too young for Restylane? (photos)

My doctor says that I am too young to fill the lower eyelids, and that filling the under eyes of young patients typically causes puffiness. Is that... READ MORE

Restylane Lips 2.5 Weeks Ago?

Two and a half weeks ago I got restylane in my lips. The swelling was going down and then one side started to throb and puffed up again. Now the... READ MORE

Restylane Silk injected in upper lip - major swelling.

I got Restylane Silk injection in my upper lip for the 3rd time and it is much more puffy than other times. When I left the doctor I was very pleased... READ MORE

Restyalyne Injected Under my Eyes Left Red Raised Puffy Bags. Will They Go Away

Restyalyne Injected Under my Eyes Left Red Raised Puffy Bags.  Will They Go Away READ MORE

What procedure can be done to fix the problems Restylane and Botox has caused under eye troughs and forehead? (photo)

I had Juvuderm in cheeks Restylane under eye troughs Botox without issues in past I had puffiness lumps in October. November I seen a board Cetified... READ MORE

Is a whole syringe is too much? My tear troughs are so puffy that it blocks my vision when I look down. Or is it just swollen?

I got Restylane in my tear trough yesterday. I didn't have extreme hollowness, just a little. I'm 33. The doctor put the whole syringe between both... READ MORE

I'm 46 years old and noticed under eye hollowness and puffiness. Would Restylane help? (photos)

Hi iam 46 and i have started noticing hollowness and puffiness under eyes. And i always had dark circles though they are hereditary. IAm thinking... READ MORE

7 month post op Restylane injection on nasolabial fold. I have swelling ever since. Is this normal?

Had a restylane injection back in Jan 2014 , that has left my nastobial fold swollen for 7 months now w/ a cyst that keeps reoccurring that needs... READ MORE

Restylane Lips 2 Weeks Ago, But One Side is Puffing Up?

I had restylane injected into my lips two weeks ago. The initial swelling went down in a few days and I was happy with the results but now one side is... READ MORE

Best filler for under eyes without creating bags

Hello doctors! I was wondering if you could suggest a filler that would be great to fill in tear troughs and that will not draw too much water to that... READ MORE

Restylane overfilling? (Photo)

I noticed a pillow of puffiness under my right eye about a week ago when I woke up one morning. It literally happened from one day to the other. I had... READ MORE

Swelling/puffiness won't go away. Could this be permanent?

I got restylane injected in my nasolobial folds two weeks ago. The swelling and soreness is gone from where the restylane itself is but there is an... READ MORE

Why does not Restylane tear trough work? (photos)

On the 29th of June I had my first treatment with restylane tear trough (0.5 ml). The doctor told me that I would see results in a while. As you see... READ MORE

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