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Restylane Injections Cause Blood Vessel Occlusion on my Left Eye, Now I Am 90%blind

I had restyland injections done on my forhead on 6/2/11 and on 6/3/11 suddenly my left eye lost vision. Now i am diagnose with Branch retinal artery... READ MORE

Can You Reverse Restylane in Lips? My Results Are Uneven.

I just got injection for first time and is uneven in my upper lip please someone answer me I'm freaking out!!! READ MORE

Is 0.5 syringe of Restylane enough to fill both lips?

I have had my lips filled on Wednesday, has been 5 days since and I can't really notice much of a difference now the swelling has gone down. The nurse... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Injections in my Lips 10 Days Ago. Its Gone! What Happened??

I was very satisfied when the procedure was originally done. Was swollen for a day or two and enjoyed my lips for another couple days. In the past 3... READ MORE

Lips peeling after lip fillers; is this normal?

Is that normal? also i got a small bruise above my lips that hurts a little is that common? READ MORE

Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Create a Tightening Effect on Facial Skin?

I’m 28 year old male, and I want my facial skin to look more tighter and youthful. I’ve recently had a consultation with a Dr who has... READ MORE

Developed Hematoma Directly After Restylane Injections, Does This Go Away on Its Own?

Immediately after having Restylane injected for marionette lines I developed a Hematoma at the corner of my mouth. Will this go away on it's own... READ MORE

Hereditary Hollow Lower Lids and Thin Skin. Is Restylane the Best Treatment?

I am a white female. Almost 22 yrs old. I have always had hollow eyes, but over the past 3 years, they have gotten worse. I had 1cc of Radiesse... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Used to Enhance the Cheekbones?

I wanted to try Restylane for the cheekbone area to make them more prominent. I know Juvederm and Radiesse can do it. I just want to know if Restylane... READ MORE

Had Restylane Injected into Nasolabial Folds and Now the Sides are Uneven, How Can I Fix this? (photo)

Now it is 45 days after the Restylane injection on nasolabial folds. As you notice the left down side of my nose is became bigger and a little bit... READ MORE

What Alternatives to Restylane Are Recommended for Lips?

Which filler is the least painful and longest lasting for lips? READ MORE

I Recently Had Restylane Injected Under Eyes, and It's Still Dark

Under my eye its still a black/ purple color that looks horrible almost like a black eye. i suffer all my life from this. i dont know if its the skin... READ MORE

Restylane Side Effects Even After a Year

I injected Restylane under my eyes, I immediately felt that my left eye was different, it was puffy and bruised, I waited a month but it was the... READ MORE

How Should I Relieve Numbness/tingling on Upper Lip 2 Weeks After Restylane Injection?

The injecting doctor said don't do anything and another doctor in the practice said upward massage in the cheek area will help. He thinks it... READ MORE

Can Restylane Cause Enlarged Oil Glands on Face?

I had 1cc of Restylane injected into one side of my face 8 weeks ago. Now I have at least 10 enlarged oil glands on that side of my face but only had... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Under My Eyes 9Days Ago To Remove Dark Circles and Wrinkles, But They're Worse?

I am 24 years old and i i got Restlyine injection 9 days ago ,i wanted to remove the dark circle and wrinkles and to add fullness. After if was done i... READ MORE

Restylane for Dark Circles? What Are My Options Before Doing a Fat Graft? (photo)

I always had dark circles. In the past few years, they got worse. I am so tired of trying to hide using makeup. After some research, I think that... READ MORE

Which filler is best for tear troughs? (Photo)

Im at my mid 30s. There is not much fat under my eyes. I am thinking to have a filler to correct my tear troughs and dark circles. Which filler... READ MORE

Big Mistake: Restylane in Lips from Different Doc: Uneven Smile, Strange Lumps

Needed a touch-up on my lips. Away from home, went to different doc. She used less than 1/2 a syringe, mostly in top lip & a spot on my bottom lip... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Change the Shape of Lips Post Injections?

After restylane injections my lips look like two earth worms stuck to my face. Is there any way of changing the shape to a more natural shape? It has... READ MORE

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