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How to Treat Damaged Skin on Nose from Restylane Injection? (photo)

2 1/ years ago a dr injected my nose tip with restylane. He injected in areas other than I asked and injected too much. I still have a white looking... READ MORE

Can I have Restylane in a depressed scar on the tip on my nose that is still surrounded by blood vessels?

I went to the doctor to check a angioma spider on the tip of my nose, I have it from birth. And the doctor did a biopsy . I didn't have cancer. But... READ MORE

Restylane removal from nose.

I had Restylane to one side of my nose and bridge and a small amount behind the tip on the other side. I am in the in process of having it removed and... READ MORE

Is restylane recommended for the nose tip?

I'd like to correct a post rhinoplasty ridge in the tip of my nose. READ MORE

I was injected with Restylane 2 months after rhinoplasty. I ended up having major damage. Is this malpractice? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done in June 2013 and was unhappy with pinched tip results. My surgeon suggested that restylane would help widen the tip. He first... READ MORE

Skin pigmentation after Restylane shot. (Photo)

Hi around May i had a shot of Restylane in my nose to fill a depression i had on the tip of the nose. while I am completely satisfied with the form... READ MORE

Restylane injection or rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Dear doctor, my nose isnt to flat but wide and meaty at the tip. i had restylane injection done and wore off. im debating if i should continue... READ MORE

Filler for nasal tip: Restylane first then Artfiller later?

I'd like to increase my nasal tip a little. I suppose it's good to have Restylane first then Artfiller later, right? My only concern is -- Would the... READ MORE

Its it possible to use fillers, such as Restylane to get the look I want ? (photos)

Look at my photos please I have got different answer but basically I want a natural look I want my nose to appear slimmer less flare on my nostrils, I... READ MORE

Restylane made rhinoplasty tip worse?

I had surgery only on my nose tip last year around Octobr & I went on 2get restylane fillers on my bridge & tip Acouple of days ago, &it worsend my... READ MORE

Can Restylane fillers be removed during Rhinoplasty?

Filler was inserted in tip of nose 15 months ago but there is still some present. READ MORE

Should I dissolve the Restylane filler in my nose?

Actually it's reaching two months since I injected half of the Restylane filler in my nose . Last week , I took medicine and right after that day , I... READ MORE

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