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Restylane for Indented Surgery Scar?

I had surgery on my nose to remove cancer. It left a big indentation. Would you recommend Restylane for filling this in. I have a few scars in that... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Injected to the Nose Tip?

The bridge of my nose has sunken pass the point and it's worse when I'm stressed or without proper sleep. It has bothered me since I was 30. Now in my... READ MORE

Can I Use Restylane on my Nose?

I know in Asia, they use restylane raise the bridge of the nose to make it more prominent. Is it possible? Also how much it will cost. READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Restylane Nose Injections?

I am Asian and have under-projected nose, with a lightly visible scar on the middle of the bridge. Am I a good candidate for Restylane nose injections... READ MORE

How Long Do the Initial Results of Restylane Last Between the Nose Bridge and Forehead?

I recentlu had a restylane injection on top of my nose bridge to smooth a bump out and was wondering how long the visible effects will be seen?... READ MORE

Swelling on Nose After Restylane

How long does swelling last after Restylane injections in the nose? READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

How long after a Rhinoplasty should I wait to inject Restylane for undereye I just underwent Rhinoplasty surgery 1-week ago and wanted to use... READ MORE

Does Restylane Last Longer After the Second or Third Injection?

I've had a non surgical nose job using restylane 2 months ago and i was happy with the results but i have seen some of the results go already. I... READ MORE

Kenalog Injection for Swelling Nose from Restylane?

I had Restylane injected into the nose approximately six days ago. I can't really tell where it was injected. The tip of my nose feels squishy and it... READ MORE

Can Restylane Cause Nasal Discoloration?

I Have Heard That Restylane in the Nose Can Cause Discoloration? Have You Seen This? READ MORE

Had Restylane in the nose a few hours ago. Hard and swollen - is this normal? Did my PS inject too much? Help

I got restylane injections in my nose below between my eyes and upper bridge (look at pictures) a few hours ago and now it is hard and very swollen,... READ MORE

Will Restylane Vital-Light Be Effective in Fixing Indentation on Nose?

Hello. I am having Restylane Vital-Light for a slight indentation on my nose. The indentation was as a result of having Diolite laser treatment on a... READ MORE

Restylane for Pinched Side of Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty over 10 years ago. Overall, I'm happy with the results and glad that I did it. However, it has always bugged me a little bit... READ MORE

Will Cleo Q Facial Exerciser Affect Restylane Results?

I currently use Cleo Q facial exerciser and I'm thinking of getting Restylane for my nose to mouth lines. Would using Cleo Q after getting the... READ MORE

How to Treat Bumps from Restylane Injection to Nose 2 Years Ago? (photo)

Two years ago a plastic surgeon injected too much restylane in my nose.Without prior knowledge, he inject me in 4 areas around the nose and standing... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling between nose and lips? (photo)

I did 6 inejctions yesterday, 3 and 3 on each side of my upper lip, my lip balance seems to be really good but my concerne is that its swollowed... READ MORE

Restylane Migrating to Nose Bridge Possible?

After one session of Botox in the glabellar area, my dermatologist suggested Botox and Restylane to fill in a singular vertical line in between brows... READ MORE

Would Restylane Be an Option over Rhinoplasty for a Boney Nose?

Would a filler like restylane be an alternative to nose surgery for creating a softer look and thicker feel to the nose?  Would it help make... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Used on Nasal Base Area?

Could Restylane be used immediately underneath one nostril to correct (or test the correction of) an asymmetry? READ MORE

How Soon After Restylane Removal Can I Have a Punch Incision?

I had restylane injected and the skin from an injury to my nose is still indented and noticeable especially in shaded lights. I have a MEDPOR strut... READ MORE

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