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Is it safe to inject restylane into the tear trough with a needle?

Both doctors that I consulted with said they used needles and not cannulas. I asked about the risk of blindness and both said it was rare. Even if the... READ MORE

What is the better delivery of fillers to the tear trough area, needle injection or micro cannula?

Considering having under eye hollows filled conservatively. Which method and filler (restalyne, restalyne silk, juvederm ultra or plus ?? Also which... READ MORE

Restylane Burst out of Syringe Twice! Should I Go Back to Get Juvederm?

First, I spoke with the Dr. about not wanting Restlyane since it didn't last long when I used it before. She said she'd use Juvederm since it lasts... READ MORE

I had a Restylane injections on my lips and has zero results. Is this normal?

I went to a Dr. for a lip injection (one syringe). Explained exactly what I wanted, even brought pics. I told her I didn't want my bottom lip done as... READ MORE

Can you share Restylane injections?

I got lip fillers today. I was injected with restaylne after she was done I asked her if she was saving the rest of the product for me and she stated... READ MORE

Surgeon I am going to prefers needles over blunt needles. Any suggestions?

Just like the title says, this concerns me. I have gotten fillers before but got restylane under eyes and voluma in the midface injected by blunt... READ MORE

Follow up question to"morphine for restylane pain injection pain relief"

I just wanted to specify because i think it isn't clear. what hurts is not my eyes after my procedure.(well it does a bit but it's not important) what... READ MORE

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