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Can Restylane Travel into Other Parts of the Face?

I got injections three days ago, ( 1cc total ), mostly into my right nasal labial fold. A few months ago I had 2cc total ( by the same person),... READ MORE

How Many Restaline Syringes Typically Needed for the Whole Face - Nasolabial Folds, Under Eyes, Crows Feet?

How Many Restaline Syringes Typically Needed for the Whole Face - Nasolabial Folds, Under Eyes, Crows Feet? READ MORE

Nerve Damage After Dermal Filler?

I had dermal fillers injected into my glabella, tear trough, cheek and naso labial folds 2 weeks ago. Since the injections I have had visual problems... READ MORE

Tear Trough/nasolabial Folds Injector in Toronto? (photO)

Hi there, I am looking to add a subtle amount of volume to my tear troughs and nasolabial folds. Would Belotero be an option? Any docs in TO use it?... READ MORE

Am I Too Young for Nasiolabial Fillers? ~ 18 Years Old

My nasiolabial folds have been bugging me for a long time and I've been thinking about this for awhile. Also, my nasiolabial folds aren't that bad,... READ MORE

Using Facial Exercise Machine While Having Fillers, Sunbathing with Fillers?

I have just recently had Restylane in my nasal-labial folds and was wondering if i can still use my Tua Trend facial exercise machine or would this... READ MORE

Restylane - Gone in 5 Months?

Had Restylane for tear trough area (dark circles, volume loss)and minor nasolabial folds and Xeomin for "9s" in June and loved the results. All but... READ MORE

Can excess fillers on your Nasolabial folds affect upper lip size?

My doc put too much fillers (Restylane) on my nasolabial folds and one side had much more than the other. Because of this, upper lip corner has curled... READ MORE

Restylane Done and They Did Not Reverse. Complications?

Had Restylane for my nasolabia went back immediately asked for it to be reversed they said it didn't need to be. On the 6th day I finally went to a... READ MORE

I Went to a Dermatologist I Want to Do my Nasalfold with Perlane and Dysport for Crows Frown Rehead? (photo)

I am 45 went to the dermatologist yesterday I did dysport and I want perlane since it is thicker then resteylne she insisted restylene was better she... READ MORE

Is 2.0 ml Restylane enough for mild nasal labial folds and marionette lines? (photo)

I do not see much improvement 2 wk post Restylane. My injector used 1 pink tipped syringe. I did not actually see the resty box or bottle. Was told at... READ MORE

Do 1ml and 2ml syringes of Restylane have similar appearance or are different product amounts color coded?

I had my first injection of Restylane 2 weeks ago to nasal labial folds and marionette lines. Do 1ml and 2ml syringes of Restylane have similar... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasal Areas?

I had injections into the nasal areas of my face in Nov. and swelling occurred for more than 1 week on both sides...then the swelling dissipated on... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Perlane Be Used for Volume Restoration if One Has Already Had Radiesse and Juvederm?

I am trying to save money by finding Groupon deals. I have had one treatment of radiesse and juvederm. Now I am seeing deals for restylane and perlane... READ MORE

Restalyne Numbness?

About 4 weeks ago I had a half ml each side injection naso-labial folds. Done it lots of times before. Now I have a funny numb patch on upper right... READ MORE

Dark Area and Pigmentation Left After Healing?

I had restylane 2months ago on nasolabial fold with massaging and rubbing on d same day and day after the area became badly red and dry after 1/2days... READ MORE

Does Restylane Make a Difference in Very Fine Lines in the Nasolabial Area?

I turned 21 a couple months ago, but I have been noticing fine lines between my nose and mouth. My mom has kind of deep ones (she's in her 40s and has... READ MORE

I Had Restylane 4 Days Ago in my Nose-to-lip Fold and Wrinkle. It is All Gone?

I am 35yrs and I had some injections in the nose-to-lip fold and wrinkle. During the swelling in the first day, I looked perfect. From the next day... READ MORE

Recurrent eruptions in nasolabia fold? (photo)

I had restylane injected in these areas six months ago, and since then have had recurrent inflamed bumps occur. Sometimes itchy, sometimes tender.... READ MORE

Can a filler to correct prominent nasal folds result in an asymetrical unsmoothed look?

Facial skin enhancement: Fillers seem to last a long time and because of this if a filler shows an uneven lumpy effect it would not be a good thing to... READ MORE

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