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Can Restylane Shift from One Area to Another?

About a month ago, I had a small amount of Restylane put in the outer corners of my chin (to reduce jowling) by a PS. But the filler has migrated up... READ MORE

Does restylane move around?

I just for restylane injected in my nasolabial folds and the area around my mouth (which I did not really want the outer corners of mouth and area... READ MORE

Movement of Restylane in the tear troughs. Did I ruin this area?

I had almost a full syringe of restylane injected in my tear troughs 5 days ago. 2 days after the procedure I accidentally moved some of the product... READ MORE

Does Restylene injected into the under eye hollows move south or does 100% of it stay in the under eye hollow region?

Do you guys knows if when Restylene is injected into the under eye hollows; does the product ever move south or does all 100% of it stays in the under... READ MORE

I got fillers in between my eyebrows and I wiped the corner of my eye and heard this squelching sound. (photo)

I got fillers in between my eyebrows and I wiped the corner of my eye and heard this squelching sound like the fillers had moved down the side of my... READ MORE

Can I have filler under the eyes, and a Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? Can sleeping on the face move the filler?

I will be having a Brazilian Butt Lift soon. After the surgery, I'll wake up on my stomach, and sleep on my stomach for a long time to avoid damaging... READ MORE

Could I have moved my new Restylane fillers by resting my face in my hand?

I had fillers done in my tear troughs and shortly after (about a couple hours after) I put my cheek in my hand and and rested my face for a while... READ MORE

Will the vacuum microdermabrasion process move my filler?

I had restylane injected about 3 weeks ago. Just wondering if it will move with the suction? I'm worried because it kind of of pulls the skin... READ MORE

Restylane and heat waves. Can too much heat cause swelling, tenderness and movement?

Been in a major heat wave for 10 days and it's suppose to last another week or so. I've noticed where the restylane was injected, the areas are... READ MORE

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