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Restylane Cost for Lines Around Mouth?

How much should Restylane cost just for lines around mouth and or plumping lips? READ MORE

Swelling on One Side of Mouth After Restylane - Normal?

I had restylane injected into my smile lines around my mouth yesterday. Looked great at first, but about 3hrs after injection one side of mouth... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hardness and Lump on One Side of Face After Restylane 5 Days Ago?

I had one syringe of restylene 5 days ago for marionette lines and little lines by corner of mouth. While not to visable my left side feels smooth and... READ MORE

I'm Going to Get Restylane to Fill in Lines Around my Mouth. What Should I Expect?

I'm quite excited about it as I'm unhappy with this area. Will I be able to go to work the next day? READ MORE

Risky to Use Both Restylane and Juvederm?

Can I use Restylane around my tear troughs and Juvederm plus around my nasal area down to mouth corners? Or am I putting my self at risk? READ MORE

Chin Dimples Worse After Filler to Grooves in Corners of Mouth and Chin

I just had Restylane injected into the moderate grooves at the corners of my mouth. There was also filler placed in both sides of my chin, in the... READ MORE

Fern Pattern Technique of Injecting Restylane

Do you know anyone who does this technique? Is it better than the usual linear approach for lip augmentation? Is it good around the mouth for... READ MORE

Can warm compress be used to get rid of bruising after filler injections? Will it dissolve or affect the life of the fillers?

I had Juvederm fillers injected around my mouth and Restyllane for my tear through. I just want to get rid of the bruising fast READ MORE

Will Cleo Q Facial Exerciser Affect Restylane Results?

I currently use Cleo Q facial exerciser and I'm thinking of getting Restylane for my nose to mouth lines. Would using Cleo Q after getting the... READ MORE

Tingle in Lip After Restylane Tear Trough Injection

I've had a dental block placed prior to having Restylane injected into my tear troughs. I am now feeling a tingle in my lip everytime I put pressure... READ MORE

Lupus and Keloids: Am I Still Good Candidate for Restylane?

I have lupus and keloid, as well as difficulty healing. I use acupuncture, occasional steriods and a number of Chinese, holistic mediciine including... READ MORE

Will the Swellings Under Mouth Flatten and Go Back to Normal?

Two days ago I had fillers to help with the shadow each side of my mouth. I am worried about the 'Godfather' look that I seem to have. I have quite a... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Results w/ Restylane - Free Correction?

After my doctor injected me with 3 serynges of Restlyane, under my nose and in the parenthesis around my mouth, the right side is visibly more puffed... READ MORE

Is it better to get Restylane done by a cosmetic surgeon in a derm office or by a plastic surgeon?

I have some lines starting around my mouth and want to take of it before they get deeper? Better for cosmetic surgeon to do this in derm office or by... READ MORE

Is it normal to have hard painful lumps afte Restylane injection?

I had Restylane done three days ago. I had some injected at the corner of my mouth on both sides. I am still swollen, but I also have hard painful... READ MORE

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