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Will Restylane Help Hereditary Dark Circles?

I'm a 17 year old male fitness model, and was was considering having restylane injected into the tear trough area for my hereditary dark circles.... READ MORE

Restylane for Sunken Hollow Eyes (Male)?

Hello , I have attached a recent photo of myself , i have very sunken hollow eyes , these have gotten really bad over the past year. I am... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Trough Ten Days Ago: Still Feeling Lumps and Some Discoloration

I am worried whether this is thyndal effect or something else. I had it from some other country and cant go back for hyluronadase injections. Please... READ MORE

Would Restylane Be Ideal for Male with Dark Under Eyes?

Would Restylane or Juvederm be a solution to this? I can see how it can fix the "troughs" around the eyes but will it fix the rest of the... READ MORE

Is Restylane a Good Choice to Fill Hollowness in the Upper Lids?

I'm 57 years old and have upper lid hollowness. I've read that Restylane is effective and safe for filling in the upper lids. Since this is so... READ MORE

Restylane for Bad Hollows Under Eyes and Dark Circles (Male)? (photo)

Hi, I'm David. I'm actually pretty young, a first year at University; 19 years old. I have had a dark circles for about 1-2 years now, but since... READ MORE

Restylane for Under Eye Vascular Pooling?

I'm interested in Restylane for dark circles. I've read about "indents" occurring, is this common? I think vascular pooling may be... READ MORE

Was Told I Don't Qualify For Restylane Below The Eyes, What Are My Options?

I have very sunken eyes which have become musch worse over time, you wouldn't recognise me from a year ago? and i get tension headaches I went to... READ MORE

Filler for my type of hollow eyes? (photo)

Hi; I'm 34 year old male. In the last 12 - 18 months, I think most of the fat under my eyes disappeared making them appear hollow and making me look... READ MORE

Can you please advice on the best treatment for my under eye loose skin and wrinkles?

I am 33 years old and I already had a blepharoplasty some 5 years ago which removed fat tissue under my eyes but not the skin as much. Wrinkles and... READ MORE

Do Restylane or Perlane Hurt Hair Follicles?

Does restylane, perlane, hurt hair follicles? Exercising reduce the longetivity? I am a guy and if i inject some on my face (jaw or chin), does it... READ MORE

Restylene for hollow upper eyelid?

When I was 4 I had retnoblastoma and had my right eye removed, and received an orbital implant/prosthetic eye. Since that time, my right eye has... READ MORE

Tear Troughs injections for 30 yo male. - How close to the bone & inner corner of eyelid, can Restylane injections go? (photos)

I am 30 year-old male with tear trough at lower eyelids, like dark circles. Last year, I developed some small bags that make the dark circles worse. I... READ MORE

Do you think I'm a candidate for Restylene or Belotero for my nasty eyebags?

I'm seriously thinking about getting some filler work done for my eye bags. With me being 30, I think surgery is out of the question (for now). Not... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Restylane or another dermal filler for my deep set eyes? (Photo)

I have very deep set eyes. Am I a good candidate for a dermal filler in my tear trough area, or would it look odd? READ MORE

Restylane for hollow eyes/circles? (photos)

Hi, 1) Would restylane be the choice for such condition 2) Is that condition considered severe, moderate or mild and therefore how would you rate... READ MORE

Hollow eyes/Dark circles: am I a good candidate for restylane? (photo)

30 y.old man, hollow eyes. Good candidate for restylane?? READ MORE

Is tear trough treatment worth it? (photos)

I am a 28 year old male. I have tear troughs underneath both my eyes. I am considering some dermal fillers (like Restylane) for the eyes. But first, I... READ MORE

Will Restylane help my under eyes look better? Need professional opinion before I get one in person with needle there. (photo)

I have an appointment tomorrow to get this procedure done and I would like a professional opinion before I get my professional opinion in person. If... READ MORE

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