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I had lip fillers in September of last year and I'm not happy. How can I correct them? (photo)

I had mp lips filled originally in sep although after a month it was obvious that they hadn't been done very well after all the swelling went down I... READ MORE

Filler to outer lip line left me with blue tinted lips and it's lumpy 4years after

Hi I had restylane injected to my upper and lower lips jut around the soon as he'd done it I noticed it was like a white lump all round the... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase Acid to remove unwanted lip fillers, will the lip get back to its normal or will it remain lumpy? (photo)

I have injected more than one lip filler over the past 2 years "Restlyne perlane" and the results were awful, big fat ducky lips, lumpy uneven and... READ MORE

Uneven Restylane results, right side barely any difference, left side has festoon (Photo)

I had the Restylane filler for tear troughs done yesterday, 1 syringe - it has been about 18 hours. Dr. seemed to inject at the bone below my tear... READ MORE

Is it normal for lips to be EXTREMELY hard 4 days after fillers? Hard to smile & eat due to stiffness. (photos)

I got restylane fillers in my lips 4 days ago. For the first 24-36 hours I was in severe pain, taking both ibuprofen & paracetamol & teeth & gums felt... READ MORE

May Restylane (Skinbooster)-treatment cause loss of firmness to the skin when it dissolves?

6 months ago I had my last Restylane Vital injection, in a series of 3. I had a total of 6 ml r.v. injected, because of dry skin/fine lines. I am... READ MORE

Is Restylane a good choice for hollow temples?

I recently had restylane injected in the hollows of my temples about almost 2 weeks ago. When I first had it done it was smooth, now it is bumpy and... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase swelling or product remaining?

About 2 months ago, I had restylane placed in the side of my nose and behind the tip. About a month in, I was unhappy with the results and had... READ MORE

I'm scare of terrible swelling after Restylane. Any suggestions?

Self administered restylane to nasal folds and tear troughs. Have done before with great results. This time I used 2ml instead of 1ml for entire areas... READ MORE

Can lumpy, uneven Restylane injections on my cheekbones be fixed or should they be dissolved? Do I need a better doctor? (Photo)

Last month a plastic surgeon injected Restylane high on my cheekbone, under the outer corners of my eyes. The results are uneven and lumpy, especially... READ MORE

Tyndall effect? (Photo)

I had restylane done a week ago. Looks dark under the eye and lumpy. Does this look like the tyndall effect? Sorry for the horrible picture no makeup... READ MORE

Is it normal to have lumpy area after injection and will it smooth out? (photo)

I just received my first restylane injection today (Dec 6). The injection is for my upper cheek area (both cheeks). I noticed once I arrived home that... READ MORE

Lumpy and tender Restylane under left eye? (Photos)

Hi I had restyle for bags under my eyes almost a week ago. My right side is perfect, no lumps or bruising. My left side there is a lump under my eye... READ MORE

Lips still lumpy; 8 months post Restylane injection (Photo)

I had my lips injected with Restylane silk 8 months ago. Immediately after they were lumpy and grey/blue in areas. I went back a week later and they... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected in my tear trough areas. (Photo)

Should I have it dissolved? I applied ice to it a few times a day, but have developed horrible lumpy bags under my eyes from it. My surgeon said try... READ MORE

Is my lip still swollen from Restylane injections or was I poorly injected? (Photo)

I went to a spa to try Restylane exactly 10 days ago. I normally get one and a half syringes of juvederm in my top lip by a plastic surgeon but wanted... READ MORE

Can you use restylane silk for tear trough fillers? (Photo)

I just got my fillers done yesterday I liked it but today my fillers look worse was. I injected with the wrong type of filler ? My eyebag looks lumpy... READ MORE

How to get rid of lumpy chest? (Photo)

I had a application of Restylane via Vital injector to my chest.. its almost year now. I still have terrible lumps on my chest and also wrinkles . I... READ MORE

Extremely lumpy bottom lip after lip fillers. Will this go away? (Photo)

I has restalyne injected into my lip a few days ago, and while the top looks fine, the right side of my bottom lip is extremely larger than the left.... READ MORE

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