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Hereditary Hollow Lower Lids and Thin Skin. Is Restylane the Best Treatment?

I am a white female. Almost 22 yrs old. I have always had hollow eyes, but over the past 3 years, they have gotten worse. I had 1cc of Radiesse... READ MORE

Please help, my doctors don't know what to do. Still tyndall effect? (Photo)

I was injected with restylane 30 january. Which left me with Dark eyelids/circles and swelling. I had it resolved over 2 times a month later. But... READ MORE

Are Fillers Safe for Someone Who Has Had Multiple Root Canals?

I would like to have restylane injected to my lower eyelid/cheek area, but I am increasingly concerned about the possibility of biofilm injection. I... READ MORE

Is 32 too young for Restylane? (photos)

My doctor says that I am too young to fill the lower eyelids, and that filling the under eyes of young patients typically causes puffiness. Is that... READ MORE

Could Restylane Truly Help Lower Eyelids with Tear Troughs and Excess Dynamic Lateral Rolls?

Worried a lower traditional bleph will diminish eye size, for being in late 40s, I would likely need a canthopexy. Also, I've read that excess skin... READ MORE

If vitrase doesn't dissolve Restylane and voluma lumps, are there any other options? (photos)

Had a very significant allergic type of reaction to Voluma in cheeks abd Restylane in lower lids with extreme swelling 2 months after injections! 6 or... READ MORE

Lower Bleph Hollowness - Long Term Solution? (Photo)

I had a lower bleph and now have hollowness around my eyes and am thinking of getting a bit of restylane in the tear trough area by an experienced... READ MORE

Restylane or lower eye surgery? (Photo)

I have deep tear troughs with black circles under my eyes. However on top of that I have lots of wrinkles when I smile. Would like to know what is the... READ MORE

Restylane/Radiesse injected under the lower eyelids 5 weeks ago. Redness and bump have formed in past two weeks? (Photos)

I had a single syringe of Restalyne / Radiesse injected into my lower eyelids 5 weeks ago. My doctor is a well-known cosmetic dermatologist within the... READ MORE

Do I need Restylane shots or lower lid surgery and what is the cost ? (photos)

My eyes have been this way my whole life I feel like I look tired . What should I do trying to fix the problem soon READ MORE

What will help improve my under eye area-Restylane, Botox, or a lower blepharoplasty/skin pinch? No lasers please. (photos)

46 yo female, have gotten Botox in past for crow's feet. In April, went to ocuplastic surgeon and had Restylane under eyes for hollows. 11/1/16, got... READ MORE

I had four injections of Restylane Perlane in January in the periorbital area to lift up my right lower eyelid (droopy eye)

My doctor told me that my lower eyelid will be lifted 2 mm máx. Now, 5 months later my eyelid is still way up making my eye look smaller. Being ... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fillers? (photos)

I'm 30 years old and I find that I have slight lower eyelid tear troughs and smile lines, or maybe sagging cheeks? Will Restylane or juvederm... READ MORE

Tear trough hollowness: is Restylane used for the under eye hollowness when the patient had a subtractive lower bleph?

Twenty years have passed since a surgeon performed a lower bleph (subtractive) in an effort to remove under eye "darkness." Are there plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Would under eye filler (such as Restylane/ Juvederm) or lower blepharoplasty be a better option for genetic eye bags? (Photo)

I am planning on getting rhinoplasty and upper blepharoplasty done in the upcoming months and I would prefer making my genetic bags less noticeable... READ MORE

Filled tear trough 3 wks ago and now very small spot in lower lid. Should I dissolve Restylane in tear trough?

Days later slight swelling went down and noticed a very small spot. The dr told me to push hard on it but it seems to have migrated up towards my... READ MORE

Can morphine be used to remove the pain of a Restylane injection?

Im doing restylane on my lower eyelids to lift them in order to cover scleral show and what i think is called ectropion. good news it seems to be... READ MORE

Non surgical options for lower lid retraction with hyaluronic acid gel (Restylane)? (Photo)

I have only 1-1.5 mm retraction of lower eyelids (after blefaroplasty) without any functional problems. I concerned about only esthetic side. I... READ MORE

What are the effects of injecting Restylane and dissolving into lower eyelids multiple times?

In trying to avoid a third surgery to help my retraction/scleral show as a result of bleph, we are using Restyln to get some vertical lift. We did get... READ MORE

Restylane & Botox lower lid? I'm 37 yrs old. (photos)

Almost 2 weeks ago I had an enzyme placed under both eyelids due to poorly placed restylane over on year ago (lump and poor placement). The enzyme... READ MORE

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