Longevity + Restylane

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How Long Does Restylane Last?

How long does Restylan last for real?  I had it once and it only lasted 2 months! READ MORE

How Long Can Open Restylane Last if You Are Getting Touch Ups?

I mean if your doctor keeps your syringe saved for you READ MORE

Restylane Vs. Teosyl. What Lasts Longer and What's the Difference?

I am wanting to have my tear troughs corrected with filler and I was wondering what the difference is between Restylane and Teosyl? Is one better than... READ MORE

Which First for Me, Restylane or the CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

My cosmetic surgeon will be doing Restylane, as well as CO2 laser treatment on me, between nose and lips. There are quite a lot of wrinkles (see photo... READ MORE

Will Taking an MSM Supplement Affect Restylane Injections to Tear Troughs?

I received Restylane injections to my tear troughs one week ago and am thrilled with the results. I would like them to last as long as possible. To... READ MORE

Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL? Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks.

Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL?  Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks. READ MORE

Restylane Fillers?

Ok I have a couple questions & please answer ALL and HONESTLY. I am under 20 years old & I was considering lower eyelid surgery. But most Dr's... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines), Results Lasted About 2 Days?

I had restylane injected into my smile lines (i used to be a smoker and they are quite deep for my age). That looked great for about two days but then... READ MORE

Why did Restylane lip injection not work as expected (supposed to last a few months)?

This is the second time I've had Restylane in upper lip only. Both times there was swelling for 2-3 days, then after that the result looked good for... READ MORE

Lines on Sides of Chin. Restylane Only Lasts a Few Months. Alternatives?

I have been using restylane for these but it only lasts a few months..I'm considering some sort of laser but not sure which if any would fix these... READ MORE

Tear Trough Deformity - should I get implants AND Restylane, or just one? (Photo)

Should I get tear trough implants AND restalyne fillers under eyes to get rid of my tear troughs? Or just one? Will getting both help it more and last... READ MORE

Are under eye filler/Botox/ Restylane permanent?

Are under eye filler/Botox/restyline permanent? If not how long does it last. I think about getting my under eye bags/ dark circle done. The dark... READ MORE

Tear trough fillers Restylane, how long does bruising and swelling usually last?

Hi there I recently had tear trough fillers restylane approx 3 days ago. I am quite swollen and bruised is this normal and how long does this normally... READ MORE

My under eye filler doesn't last. Restylane and Perlane. What could be happening?

Hello. I am 29 and i have the usual under eye issues (not too severe) I had one syringe injected (Restylane) by an ophtamologic surgeon (one of the... READ MORE

How long do fillers REALLY last?

I have lost a lot volume around my cheek area to the point where you can see the cheekbone jutting out. Recently, I got either perlane or restylane... READ MORE

How long should Restylane last in lips?

I had restyline before in my lips and it lasted 12 mths and longer. The last time it did not last 3 mths with two visits. Why? READ MORE

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