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Will Restylane in Lips Last Longer the More Treatments You Get?

I've been been getting Restylane in my lips for almost 2 years now w/touch-ups (1/2-1/4 a syringe) about every 3 months. I'm so consistent... READ MORE

How to make Restylane lip augmentation last longer?

I just had my lips injected with Restylane on 3/4/16, Is there anything I can do to make the effects last longer? I was told to drink a lot water. Are... READ MORE

How to make Restylane injection last longer?

I just had tear trough Restylane injections and am very happy with the results. How can I make my under eye restylane injections last longer? Are... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Something Similar Make my Down Turned Lip Corners Normal? (photo)

Also How Much Would It Cost and How long would it last approximately? in case it matters im 18 years old READ MORE

How long does Restylane generally last in the under eye area? (Photo)

I've seen complaints about the filler not lasting long enoug in the under area. How long does it usually last? READ MORE

Can I have prp lip injection 2 wks after restylane injection?

I've done prp lip injection before and it really worked but it was temporary because I know it's not a filler. I did not see results with restylane. I... READ MORE

Resyalyne Only Lasted 2 Months. Can It Drift from Injection Site and Make You Look Worse?

I got my first injections the first week of June in the nabiial folds and a little around the mouth., It is now 2 months later and it seems to have... READ MORE

I had Succeev Filler before on my top lip and considering Restylane for the first time, will the result be or last the same?

I have had succeev fillers injected in my top lip and I was very happy with the outcome. I have booked to go back bit my Dr cannot get the succeev so... READ MORE

How long does Restylane last in the chin area?

I am looking into having chin injections to bring my chin forward. I was wondering how long it would last and if Juvederm Ultra would be a better option? READ MORE

Restylane or Juvederm for a little plump? How long does either last? (Photo)

I don't have thin lips but would like a little more plump. Would it be weird to only get my bottom lip plumped and not my top? I don't want an obvious... READ MORE

If under filled but still satisfied, will filler last longer then 3 months?

I was filled with Restylane 2 weeks ago for under eye bags/tear troughs. If I was under filled will results that I do have last more then 3 months?... READ MORE

How long does restylane filler last before it begins to degrade for the under eye area?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I hear it lasts 6 months. What does that exactly mean though? Will it slowly degrade over time the moment it's put under... READ MORE

I had 2cc of restylane/45 units of botox on oct 2nd. It was my first time and I can already see wrinkles are back. Is it normal?

This is alot of money to only last6 weeks,should i go back to the dr who did this? I can already see my folds and wrinkles are back is this normal?I... READ MORE

Can a filler to correct prominent nasal folds result in an asymetrical unsmoothed look?

Facial skin enhancement: Fillers seem to last a long time and because of this if a filler shows an uneven lumpy effect it would not be a good thing to... READ MORE

My filler lasts for a month only. Any suggestions?

Hi I am 29 year old female I have hollow under eyes and nasobial folds from July I am getting restylane injected every month I. E July, August,... READ MORE

What filler lasts the longest? And how much does it cost for a full syringe approximately?

Back in 2005 I had full syringe of restyline applied to my lips and it only lasted about a year I was really disappointed because back then it costed... READ MORE

Is restylane better than juvederm for lips?

I have gotten my lips filled with juvaderm (1 full syringe ) each time and it only gives me a slight diffrence . I want to achieve a "Kylie Jenner... READ MORE

Restylane Defyne vs Refyne for tear troughs, which would be longer lasting?

I've been getting my tear troughs filled with restylane for years, but now that I moved, I need a new dermatologist in New York. I believe my doctor... READ MORE

When Restylane fails, is there an alternative I can try?

I have deep tear troughs and have used Belotero and Rystalyne (5 cc's). Looked great when I left but only lasted one month. Is there a product you can... READ MORE

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