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How Many Syringes of a Filler Would I Need? For Lips, and Laugh Lines? (photo)

My lips are tiny and I really would like to have a fuller, more pouty appearance if possible. Also, I would really like to have the lines that I... READ MORE

Permanent Bruising from Restylane?

I had Restylane injections a week ago for my laugh lines. Two days later, I saw a greenish patch (like bruises) on my lower right cheek next to the... READ MORE

2 days after having 2 syringes of Restylane, my face is uneven. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Restylane injected on my cheeks to increase volume. I noticed that my face wasn't even immediately after the procedure but the doctor said that... READ MORE

Hard Line Below Laugh Line After Injection?

Wondering if this long hard 'line' below my laugh line is the restylane moving or if it is swelling from injection from numbing agent? It hurts and... READ MORE

How long will the swelling last and why did my eye swell? Will my face stay like this forever?

Im 34 yrs old, I had restyline lyft put in laugh lines for the first on feb. 11th 2016, after getting it done I liked it, I had no bruising or... READ MORE

Undoing a bad hyaluronic job?

Hi there, i had a bad experience with Hyaluronic Acid filling in my laugh lines. the doctor apparently injected too superficially and i ended up with... READ MORE

Should Dermatologist who performs Restylane filler procedure have hyaluronidase in office?

I am scheduled to have Restylane applied around my mouth area, laugh lines, marionette, etc., and have jjust found out that my Dermatologist does not... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected into my laugh lines. There is an indentation at the injection site. Will this smooth out and fill in?

My injections were yesterday, wed July 8th. Still a bit swollen and bruised. There are no lumps, just a small dip or depression where one of the... READ MORE

Is Restylane safe for laugh lines with ulcerative colitis & primary sclerosing cholangitis treated with biologic vedolizumab?

Previously, I believe I had a reaction to a fractional CO2 laser treatment which caused severe facial swelling and a very itchy rash lasting for 2... READ MORE

Laugh lines worse after filler

I just had restylane two days ago and my laugh lines are actually worse now than they were before (or they appear that way). Will that get better over... READ MORE

What are the never ceasing sores caused by my restylane injections? (Photo)

Injectionsunder eyes and in laugh lines. 3dys Noticed red lumps size of peas. doctor who injected said it was nothing Worrying . Week after had lump... READ MORE

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