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Best Treatment for Chronic Inflammatory Reaction to Restalyne?

I had restalyne injected in my tear troughs 2 1/2 months ago and I've developed chronic inflammation issues. The pain is not so bad as the... READ MORE

Restylane & Cellulitis?

After 2 1/2 weeks post injection my upper right lip began to ache and in three days it blew up like a balloon. The injecting spa is 2 hours away and... READ MORE

Concerned of Having an Intense Inflammatory Response to Restylane, How Can I Verify Before Injecting?

I have dark eye circles under my eyes. I want to fill this with Restylane. But i am afriad to do this becaue i am allergic to many... READ MORE

What is treatment for chronic inflammation from Restylane?

I had an immediate reaction. It is now 5 months and I continue to have major symptoms, such as headache, inflammation in sinus nasal head. Lower neck... READ MORE

Nose Restylane Sub Q Inflammation?

Would it be possible to have inflammation symptom few month later? I did my nose first filler restylen sub Q in 2009, and had no problem . And in... READ MORE

Are Use of Restalyn and Radiesse Injections Safe to Someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis?

I have had my upper and lower lids and skin resurfacing recently done and want to have Radiesse and Restalyn injections. I have Ankylosing... READ MORE

Nose Filler Inflammation?

I got inflammation after restylen nose filler cause of some skin laser . I took antibiotic for two months just in case. Now pain went away. But it... READ MORE

Inflammatory reaction to Restylane. How do I safely get this stuff from migrating and causing more damage?

I am having an inflammatory reaction to restylane. It has been 6 months. Severe headache, pain at base of skull and neck. Large lump of goo removed... READ MORE

Recurrent eruptions in nasolabia fold? (photo)

I had restylane injected in these areas six months ago, and since then have had recurrent inflamed bumps occur. Sometimes itchy, sometimes tender.... READ MORE

Sensitive Nose After Sub Q Restylane Normal?

I had a nose restylane last year Aug, but suddenly got some infection symptoms after skin laser, so took medicines and injections . All pain went... READ MORE

Big bowl appeared a few months after restylane injection. What should I do?

Hi, I have a big bowl a few month after injection of restylane in one side of my cheek. It appears that it s not exactly where it has been injected,... READ MORE

Skin Damage from Saliva accumulating in corner of mouth due to Filler? How to treat given skin sensitivity? (photo)

Restylane on 30th October. My lips became increasingly sensitive, fragile, raw and seemed to rub off if I touched it, I sought the advice of a plastic... READ MORE

Three weeks ago, I had Restylane under the eyes. Any suggestions?

Everything was perfect but now after 3 weeks i have a little nodule (without inflammation) under may left eyes that also gives the impression of... READ MORE

How long will inflammation from nasolabial line injections last?

Having survived lymphoma stage 4 Mayo confirmed & x3. Registered nurse, I refused chemo & radiation for herbs and diet. Exceeded the 18 mo. of... READ MORE

Under eye bag after injecting Restylane, what are my options?

I had Restylane injected under my eyes to get rid of the hollow look. The results were fantastic when I was at the medspa however when I got home I... READ MORE

Hollowing under eye after injection of Restylane. (Photos)

I had restylane injection under my eyes and it was well but after aweek the area of injection exposed for excess heat and inflamed so i tried to put... READ MORE

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