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Can Restylane Injections Cause Infections?

What type of streptococcus bacteria is Restylane fermented from? READ MORE

Infection in Tear Trough from Restylane

I had Restylane injections in my tear troughs. I developed an infection in the right tear trough but not in the left. The doctor put me on an... READ MORE

How do you recognize and treat a biofilm infection related to injections of Restalyne or Juvaderm Voluma? (photos)

2 months following facial filler injections I developed reactions to fillers under eyes and cheeks. Woke up with it. No response after 7 rounds of... READ MORE

Chance of biofilm infection with Restylane injection to tear troughs?

I am interested in getting restylane injections to tear troughs but am apprehensive because I am young, 26. What are the chances of an adverse... READ MORE

Restylane Infection?

Two weeks after getting 1cc of restylane in my lips one side hurt a lot and puffed up dramatically and a med Dr. put me on antibiotics calling it... READ MORE

First Signs of Biofilm Infection?

I had restylane injected in both tear troughs by a board certified plastic surgeon. Nine days later, all symptoms subsided. At day 11, I began... READ MORE

Could a Sore Eye Be Caused by Restylane Migration?

Is it possible to get an eye infection or some other bacterial infection due to Restylane Migration and would like to get some advice on this.... READ MORE

It seems I have an infection from Restylane injection. What should I do?

I got a Restylane injection for my face and only my right cheek as swelling/infection. Its very red and swollen. I went back to my doctor and they... READ MORE

How to know that I have biofilm infection ?!

Am 28 yrs and Before 2 yrs i had restylene under my eyes ( i can feel the product )and at the same time i dont wanna try vitrase because am affraid to... READ MORE

Can anything be done to avoid biofilm infection with fillers? Specifically, Restylane.

I have researched different fillers and am very interested in filling the tear trough area or possibly the cheeks. Is it safer to do the cheeks with... READ MORE

Restyling swelling vs Infection? (Photo)

I had .5 cc of Restylane injected under each eye & 1 cc injected to my lips a month ago with no swelling/bruising. Yesterday I went back for a touch... READ MORE

Could I see a difference with half syringe injection of Restylane or should I do a full injection? (photos)

I am getting my lips done soon and can't decide on doing a half injection or full injection. I want to have more fullness and see a difference but I... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Infection - biofilm?

Tear troughs injected for second time in 3 months with restylane. eyes were still quite hollow after the first round. One syringe was used last time... READ MORE

Infected top lip after lip fillers. Should these antibiotics get the swelling down?

Had lip fillers over a week ago, top left hand side of lip is still swollen and infected. I'm now on antibiotics should these get the swelling down as... READ MORE

Is bruising, swelling and excessive pain normal 72 hours post restylane injection? (photo)

I just had restylane injected around my lips. Immediately I began bruising (before i left the office), which was treated with a v-beam laser. I went... READ MORE

Can a biofilm infection from Restylane to the tear troughs spread to breast implants?

I got a mild biofilm infection to my undereyes 5-6 months after being injected with Retylane. First it was the left eye, I took 250 mg clarithromycin... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected two and a half years ago to fill in slight hollow I had in between my 11 lines on forehead. (Photos)

The injector hit a nerve which I suffered an infection and this is what I am left looking like today on my forehead. What kind of treatment would I... READ MORE

What was this Infection? Doctor injected a filler- Restylane or Juvederm- into the bridge of nose to fill indent. (photos)

I experienced what I thought was severe bruising and headaches . Day 4, my skin looked infected. Called the doctor that morning . He tried... READ MORE

I had Restylane inserted in my tear troughs 12/13. I noticed a bump on the right side right away. What are my options? (Photo)

Last week I developed an infection under my right eye. I woke up one day and my lower eyelid was sore. I went to my primary physician and they... READ MORE

Zit or infection due to restylane (photo)

One week ago I got restylane under the eyes, 3 days later I developed what I believed to be a deep zit, I have gotten them there before but not that... READ MORE

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