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Restylane Stimulating Collagen?

I've been reading that restylane, though it is temporary, often permanently improves the appearance of the area it was injected into by stimulating... READ MORE

Restylane for Dark Circles? What Are My Options Before Doing a Fat Graft? (photo)

I always had dark circles. In the past few years, they got worse. I am so tired of trying to hide using makeup. After some research, I think that... READ MORE

Is this a good Restylane under eye result and should I add more? (photos)

Hi there! I had 1 syringe of restylane injected under my eyes two weeks ago. I feel like I don't see that much improvement. The doctor, a former... READ MORE

Will Restylane improve the look of my under eye bags? (photo)

Will restylane improve the look of my under eye circles or can anyone recommend something else? I'm aware it's not extreme but it bothers me. All... READ MORE

How long do fillers REALLY last?

I have lost a lot volume around my cheek area to the point where you can see the cheekbone jutting out. Recently, I got either perlane or restylane... READ MORE

How can I further improve loss of volume and sagging skin? (photo)

On 12th March I had a syringe of Restylane on my cheekbones. After two weeks I had one more syringe high on my cheeks and one thread on each side of... READ MORE

Are Skin Boosters Restylane Vital for wrinkly tummy area safe and effective?

Tummy tuck is not an option. I have found a local doctor who has recommended skin boosters Restylane Vital to improve the texture of the skin which... READ MORE

Would another ML of Restylane improve the correction in my tear trough area? (photo)

Two weeks ago I got 1 ml of Restylane split between both tear troughs. There is definitely a improvement, but I was wondering if an additional ml will... READ MORE

What could I do to improve my under eye zone? I had Restylane 1 year ago and it's still not perfect. (photos)

I am 32 years old. But 5 years ago I began to notice that my under eyes zone made me look older. There are the lines that I don't like at all. I went... READ MORE

Can I get money refunded for restalyne injected poorly? (photos)

I had Restalyne put into my tear troughs 2 months ago.the left eye stayed swollen. I had a follow up with my doctor, he claimed there was nothing he... READ MORE

Restylane for under eye circles - will fine lines under eyes also improve?

I am planning on having Restylane injected under my eyes to improve the appearance of my (quite extreme) dark circles. Lately, I have been noticing... READ MORE

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