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I Had Restylane Yesterday Have Been Icing Since, Woke Up Swollen Cheeks and Mouth Area?

I had a Restylane treatment yesterday for the area from the bottom of my nose to lips and then some under mouth by cheek. I was very nervous and the... READ MORE

How Long Until Blood Under the Skin Goes Away After Restylane

I had restylane injected into the crease between my eyebrows 3 days ago. My forehead was badly bruised after and now I have little white head pimples... READ MORE

Input Please- MD Icing / Pressure Protocol When Veins Are Hit in Tear Troughs?

A vein was hit when Restylane was injected under my lower lids. My PS iced and applied pressure for one minute or less before continuing injecting. He... READ MORE

Bruise or Tyndall Effect?

Recently had Restylane under both eyes. Under left eye a small bleed spot. That afternoon the bruise looked green. Six days later it has more bluish... READ MORE

1 syringe of Restylane in upper lip? (photos)

I had one syringe injected of restylane in my upper lip about 14 hours ago and I have the dreaded duck lip. I had juvederm last time (about half a... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pain in lips and a feel of burning after Restylane hyaluronic acid filler?

Is it normal to have pain in lips and a feel of burning after Restylane filler. I had 0.7ml divided between two lips this afternoon. They have swelled... READ MORE

I had 1ml of Restylne injected, now 4 days later I've woken up with a huge lump, blisters and little white spots (Photo)

Last week I had my 2nd enhancement with 1ml Juvaderm, where previously back in Feb, I had 1/2ml Restylne. I have woke up this morning, 4 days later,... READ MORE

I had lip injections today and I was told not to use ice on them even if swelling occurred. Why would ice not be recommended?

Lips are swollen but not out of the normal range. I feel ice would help, but I was told not to put ice on them. Do you know why some Docs would... READ MORE

Did I cause a lump after Restylane?

I had restylane in my lips four hours ago. Immediately after I noticed that one side looked fuller than the other so I tried massaging the side with... READ MORE

I had an injection under my eyes 5 days ago. The top of my left eye is swollen and in pain. What should I do?

She only injected under the eye but the top of my left eye is in alot of pain and my eyelid is swollen im icing it but its really painful what should... READ MORE

Restylane complication. Please help! Waiting for Derm doc to call me back... (photos)

I had restylane injected under both eyes to treat "bags" 6 weeks ago. Became very swollen and bruised. Swelling never completely resolved. 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

How much bruising is normal with Restylane? (photo)

I wanted 1ml Restylane Silk in my lips but the Dr said he prefers 1ml Restylane for lips & 1ml Silk for lip borders. I asked to just do 1ml in my... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me if this is a hematoma after Restalyne? (Photo)

Got my lip injected half a mil on top last Friday so it's been five days. They were really swollen it's been 2 years since I had it last done with... READ MORE

Is it important to ice my nose after a restalyne injection?

I just had restalyne injected in my nose to smooth out a divet on the right side. Plastic surgeon also injected on the left side too. Do I need to ice... READ MORE

How long before the bumps that look like blisters on my lips disappear after Restyln injections

I had Juviderm injected into my lip lines and directly into my lips. One week later and I have a blister on each side where he injected the lips. How... READ MORE

1cc of Restylane injected in nasolabial folds 3 hours ago - should I be worried? (Photo)

I look somewhat like Marlon Brando in the Godfather - on one side. The other side has several smaller lumps. Big lump(s) on one side, not just... READ MORE

I got Restylane injected today. I expected swelling but is this normal? It's getting worse even tho I keep putting ice (Photo)

I got restylane iingected today . I expected swelling but is this normal?It's getting worst even tho I keep putting ice . READ MORE

I had Restylane injected in my tear trough areas. (Photo)

Should I have it dissolved? I applied ice to it a few times a day, but have developed horrible lumpy bags under my eyes from it. My surgeon said try... READ MORE

Restylane injected into my lips: Normal to have pain for 9 hours, quite excruciating also! (photo)

I have had my lips done in the past and I can not remember this pain, same injector,same product and 1ml. Nothing was done differently, however this... READ MORE

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