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Developed Hematoma Directly After Restylane Injections, Does This Go Away on Its Own?

Immediately after having Restylane injected for marionette lines I developed a Hematoma at the corner of my mouth. Will this go away on it's own... READ MORE

Ridge and discolouration under eye 1 month after Restylane injection to tear troughs. What's your opinion? (Photo)

Followup apt 2 wks later to determine if this was due to the Tyndall effect, as the swelling and discoloration were still prevalent. Doc assured me... READ MORE

Botched lip injections? (photos)

I recieved 1 syringe of Restalyne today. 3/4 in my upper, 1/4 in my lower. The doctor had pierced a blood vessel and I have a HUGE hematoma. I am so... READ MORE

Garlic and lip injections. Is it risky?

I'm scheduled for lip injections tomorrow. This issue is, is that there was a tiny bit of minced garlic in some of my veggies and pasta yesterday and... READ MORE

What is this from Restylane? (Photo)

Hello Got my filler done with Restalyne about a week ago. Initially this was thought to be a hematoma as it was a hard lump and very sore to touch... READ MORE

I had Restylane under my eyes 2 days ago. The right eye is great but the left eye is red with small hematoma. Normal? Reaction

Right eye is great. Left eye is red and has a small blue bruise and small hemotomma. The bump is soft. I went in to correct under eye bags. Is this... READ MORE

Lip injections - 8 days post op top lip still hard, swollen! Worried! (photos)

I had 1/2 syringe restalayne in lips 7 days ago. Still swollen on the one side, not sore exactly, but hard / firm swelling with two spots (hematomas?)... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me if this is a hematoma after Restalyne? (Photo)

Got my lip injected half a mil on top last Friday so it's been five days. They were really swollen it's been 2 years since I had it last done with... READ MORE

24 hours post restylane injection extremely red? (Photo)

Is this blood red line running along the injection site normal at 24 hrs. I expected swelling but is this blood pooling right beneath my skin normal?... READ MORE

Just a few questions on my experience with restylane lip filler. Cream still hurts & I have swelling? (Photos)

I had lip fillers 2 weeks ago, I had 7 local anaesthetic injections around my lips, As the cream still hurt. the next day I had swelling all over my... READ MORE

Nasal lab/cheek apple Restylane 4 weeks ago. HATE cheeks, now asymmetrical. Hematoma under fuller one, still lopsided!!!

Dr Has admitted injecting more on one side. Nasal labial are ok, but my cheek apples are vile. The cheek with the lump aches. It had a large haematoma... READ MORE

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