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Restylane for Under Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

How long after a Rhinoplasty should I wait to inject Restylane for undereye I just underwent Rhinoplasty surgery 1-week ago and wanted to use... READ MORE

Restylane Injected in Lips, Have Bumps on my Lips When I Smile. Look Like Blisters. Will it Subside?

I had Restylane injected in my lips April 11, this is Day 15.. I have bumps on my lips that are noticeable when I smile. Looks a little like blisters... READ MORE

What is Its Post-injected Swelling Time and What Can Be Done to Treat It?

Hello! My name is Anna, I'm 33 years old and want to get a filler in my nasolabial area. I'm very concerned of the over swelling that some... READ MORE

Post Restylane Lip Injection?

Hi, today i finally had my very first lip injection. My doc used 1ml Restylane for my lips but i only managed to use half a syringe. The funny thing... READ MORE

What can be done about filler that has migrated and decended to my lower face?

I've restylane and its migrated and decended to the lower portion of my face which has created an uneven jowl look and strange dimples in my chin when... READ MORE

Is it normal to have this (see pic) 3 wks 4 days after restylane in Tear troughs? Will it get better or is there a problem?

After both eyes healing well I went back 1 mth later to have more restylane put in both TT (slightly more in the left). They both swelled and bruised... READ MORE

Fever after restylane. In the case that the restylane and flu symptoms are related, what should I do?

Hi, I had restylane injected three days ago, and now I have a fever and flu like symptoms. Swelling where the filler has gone down and seem to be... READ MORE

What is the healing time for Restylane injections? I have a small event 9 days after. Is it enough time or should I postpone?

I have a family party nine days after my restylane injection appointment for cheeks and marionette lines. Should I postpone or do you think that is... READ MORE

Swelling almost 6 weeks after restylane in tear troughs?

I had restalyne injected 6 weeks ago. she had a problem inserting the cannula under the left eye which caused swelling. after healing i've been... READ MORE

What can I do? My lips are terribly sore and lumpy after restylane injection? (Photos)

My lips healed within 2 days after first receiving 1mL of restylane injection. It's now 2 months later and I have extremely painful, hard lumps all... READ MORE

Can I get anesthesia and IV sedation soon after my restylane injections?

I have scheduled restylane under eyes two days before my abdominal surgery which will require local anaesthesia and IV sedation. Will healing be... READ MORE

Restylane in nose dissolved but my nose is not the same. Any suggestions?

I had restylane inject on nose a few months ago and I just hated. I had it removed with hyaluronidase more than a month ago and it looks better, but... READ MORE

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