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Tissue Fillers for the Forehead and Bridge of Nose?

Can Restylane or Juviderm be injected in areas like the bridge of the nose and forehead lines? These areas do not have much fat or tissue underneath. ... READ MORE

Does Restylane Work Like Botox on Forehead Lines and Wrinkles?

According to the Restylane website, Restylane may be used to decrease both the horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical line between the... READ MORE

How Long Until Blood Under the Skin Goes Away After Restylane

I had restylane injected into the crease between my eyebrows 3 days ago. My forehead was badly bruised after and now I have little white head pimples... READ MORE

How Long Do the Initial Results of Restylane Last Between the Nose Bridge and Forehead?

I recentlu had a restylane injection on top of my nose bridge to smooth a bump out and was wondering how long the visible effects will be seen?... READ MORE

Can Restylane in a Blood Vessel Cause an Embolism That Can Cause Death?

I'm about to have the injections to my 11 lines in my forehead and have read that this area is somewhat at risk for blood vessel injection. If... READ MORE

Does Restylane Last Longer After the Second or Third Injection?

I've had a non surgical nose job using restylane 2 months ago and i was happy with the results but i have seen some of the results go already. I... READ MORE

How much of an area can be covered with a 1-milliliter syringe of Restylane?

Like I said I'm looking to do lips crows feet and forehead. I do not have deep wrinkles. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Develope Goose Egg Type Lumps After Receivng Restylane Injections in my Tear Trough Area?

I know this sounds crazy but 2 weeks after receiving the injections I awakened to find 2 rather large lumps on my forehead.Definitely not a bug bite.... READ MORE

I have pressure, tingling, and bulging vein around the eye after Dermal Filler Injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had restylane injections on 8/1 on the forehead for acne scar, and into my upper cheeks (1/2 syringe total was used). I went to see Dr. 8/13 as I... READ MORE

Under Eye Filler and Severe Pressure on Forehead?

I had a undereye filler injected a month ago and have had some headaches and pressure around the eye that lasted a week.Then all pain and pressure... READ MORE

I had restylane for a non surgical nose job to disguise the bump on the bridge of my nose. Is this swelling? (Photo)

I now have a large bulge between my two eyes 12 hours later. Is this just swelling or too much substance used? It is not appearing to blend well into... READ MORE

I believe that the restylane given to me 3 weeks ago was injected into my blood vessels? (photo)

Immediately after injection my forehead became bruised and spread to my top of forehead where it was not injected. Is there anything I can do at this... READ MORE

What procedure can be done to fix the problems Restylane and Botox has caused under eye troughs and forehead? (photo)

I had Juvuderm in cheeks Restylane under eye troughs Botox without issues in past I had puffiness lumps in October. November I seen a board Cetified... READ MORE

Restylane Allergy (Granuloma) Puzzle?

How can I have an allergic reaction on my chin with Restylane and not on my forehead (which had very good results)? Both injections done at the same... READ MORE

Glabellar indentation will not go away. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have an indentation in the glabellar area when my face is at rest. I have gotten 25-30 units of Botox every 3 months for the past year. The photos... READ MORE

Is there redness and swelling after Vitrase?

I had restalyne in my forehead 4 weeks ago. I experienced a lot of redness and swelling. I felt the doctor overfilled one of my lines and four weeks... READ MORE

Could eye flashes caused by filler injections?

Yesterday I had Restylane injections, in face, under the eye and in the forehead between my eyes (frown line). I woke up today with light flashes in... READ MORE

Is this bruising on my forehead after Restylane filler? (Photo)

I had a Restylane in my cheeks 4 days ago which seems totally fine but I also had a small amount in my forehead to fill and old scar I had when a... READ MORE

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