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Tissue Fillers for the Forehead and Bridge of Nose?

Can Restylane or Juviderm be injected in areas like the bridge of the nose and forehead lines? These areas do not have much fat or tissue underneath. ... READ MORE

Restylane and Botox Side Effects on Pregnancy?

I had a Restylane and Botox injected into my face before I knew that I was pregnant (2-3 weeks). What are the possible side effects to my baby? I am... READ MORE

Will Restylane Be Damaged by IPL or Refirme?

If I get injected with Restylane and then get an IPL/Photofacial or Refirme/Thermage treatment, is the Restylane going to be damaged or altered? READ MORE

Alternative to Restylane for Acne Scarring?

Hi, I've twice had Restylane injections on my left cheek to improve a depressed area possibly caused by fairly mild acne scarring. However, both... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Hardness and Lump on One Side of Face After Restylane 5 Days Ago?

I had one syringe of restylene 5 days ago for marionette lines and little lines by corner of mouth. While not to visable my left side feels smooth and... READ MORE

Can Direct Heat and Massage Help Break Down Restylane?

I can say I hate Restylane, I think I am allergic and my body is rejecting. And awful looking results. But terrified to have any more needles stuck in... READ MORE

Is Using the Clarisonic After Radiesse and/or Restylane Okay?

I use the Clarisonic twice a day to clean my face. Do I have to wait to use it again after Radiesse and Restylane injections into the nasolabial fold... READ MORE

Numbness After Restylane Injection

I had Restalyn injections 4 days ago. The Infraorbital nerve was affected on the left side of my face. Immediatley after the injection my face became... READ MORE

Painful Swelling a Month After Restylane Injection?

I had a restylane sub q injections in my tear trough. Things seemed to be going ok so far but today i woke up with painful swelling on one side of my... READ MORE

What Does Restylane Look Like?

How can I be sure what I am getting injected is Restylane?  What is the product supposed to look like? READ MORE

How to Wear Down Restylane Faster?

Is there any way to wear down Restylane faster in the lips without injection? My top lip looks way too big.  Will it also affect facial muscles? READ MORE

Restylane Vital Before or After Accutane?

Should I get Restylane Vital in my face before I start Accutance or after I finish the course of Accutane? Will the drying effects of Accutane affect... READ MORE

Why Would Swelling Come Back Two Weeks After Restylane?

I'm concerned about the re-swelling of my face. I had juvederm ultra plus injected in the hollows of my cheeks about a month ago and a trench refilled... READ MORE

Can Restylane Remodel a Scar Located Near Injection Site?

I had restylane injected into a new depression that was near an old scar. Now the old scar is starting to change. Are these changes to my old scar... READ MORE

2 week Post Tear trough Restylane injection numbness and possible permanent nerve damage?

Numb down to mouth. I have fluid stuck in my nose/cheek area down my lip area & is worse in the day. She injected Vitrase yesterday but said she's... READ MORE

Dual Laser then 1.5 Weeks Later Had Restylane. Same Day Pimples/itching Mid Face. Why?

Had dual fraxel laser Nov. 29th, then restylane 1cc. injected under eyes and a little bit in lip on Dec. 8th. My face was just a little pink by that... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Cyst Like Lumps After Having Restylane Injected into my Face 2yrs Ago?

I have been on steroids for 2yrs now after having restylane injected in my face, I had an ultra sound which discovered lots of small cyst like lumps I... READ MORE

How Does Restylane Smooth my Face?

Why does Restylane last longer than other filler options? Is it the best for making the face appear smoother? READ MORE

Is it safe or even wise to get Restylane injections in my face before or after bilateral total hip replacement surgery?

I'm concerned about the possibility of infection having two prosthetics, the THR surgery will be later on this year. I used restylane (tear trough) a... READ MORE

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