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Can Restylane Injections Damage my Eyes?

I will be having Restylane injected for my under eye hollows. I am so afraid. I worry about retinal occulusion, and blindness. I also worry about long... READ MORE

Can I Drink a Glass of Wine or Two After Having Injection of Hyalurindase?

I had 3 hyaluronidase injections, one today, one last week and one three weeks ago because of a lump under my left eye from restalyne. This is the 3rd... READ MORE

Risks of Restylane on Upper Eyelids for Sunken Eyes

Hi there, I wore glasses until I was 26 y/o. For this reason, my eyes are quite sunken in my face. I was considering the idea of undergoing a... READ MORE

How Effective is Restylane Vital-Light Around the Eyes?

How effective is Restylane VItal-Light around the eyes, epecially for under eye hollows, with the use of the special new Q-Med’s patented... READ MORE

Restylane for Sunken Hollow Eyes (Male)?

Hello , I have attached a recent photo of myself , i have very sunken hollow eyes , these have gotten really bad over the past year. I am... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Used to Fill Eye/Cheekbone Area?

If cheek bones were filled out it would pull up loose skin under eyes ????? READ MORE

Should Restylane Be Injected to the Lateral Area of the Eyes?

I have quite a noticeable hollow in the lateral area of my left eye when I is though the muscle does not come up high enough. I also have... READ MORE

Why Don't Doctors Inject Restylane Above the Eyes?

I had an over agressive upper Blepharoplasty and I'm wondering what options exist (other than a fat transfer) to restore volume in my upper eyelid?... READ MORE

Restylane or Creams with Hyaluronic Acid for Protruding Eyes?

I'm a 30-year-old male and I've had protruding eyes for 6 years. I realized it when a friend of mine told me about that. I was using contact lenses in... READ MORE

Will a Hot Compress on my Eyes Cause Restalyne in my Tear Troughs to Dissapate Faster?

I have dry eyes and my eye doctor says I should apply a warm compress to my eyes twice a day. I have had 2 vials of restalyne injected in my tear... READ MORE

Can You Make Eyes Bigger with Injections?

Can you make eyes bigger, fatter with injections my eyes are not that big for canthopexy i think could you please give me your honest opinion Thank... READ MORE

Probability of Blindness With Restylane Around Inner Corners of Eyes (photo)

Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility of blindness if I would decide to let MD treat area close to inner corners of my eyes with... READ MORE

Treatment for Further Eye Hollowing After Restylane Injections?

I had Restylane injections for my hollowing eyes 6 months ago. Since injection, my hollowing became deeper and till now it's getting worse. What else... READ MORE

How Long Can I Use Restylane?

I've been considering Restylane to fill my hollow eye and upper cheek area but I am a bit worried about the long term consequences. Several... READ MORE

Can Restylyne Migrate Into The Eyes? They're Burning And Swollen.

Two days ago I had restylyne injected into the hollowed area under my eyes, and a few hours later my eyes were burning terribly. This pain lasted all... READ MORE

Restylane and Blindness?

I am having a disagreement with my doctor over the use of Restylane around the eyes. My doctors insists that it is safe. However, I have heard that... READ MORE

I have pressure, tingling, and bulging vein around the eye after Dermal Filler Injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had restylane injections on 8/1 on the forehead for acne scar, and into my upper cheeks (1/2 syringe total was used). I went to see Dr. 8/13 as I... READ MORE

Can Restylane or Juvederm filler that was injected in upper cheeks, right below tear trough area migrate to the eyes?

When I got the filler done i massaged the area and heard a squish sound not sure if it migrated to my eye because my eye has been feeling funny and... READ MORE

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