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Can Restylane Injections Damage my Eyes?

I will be having Restylane injected for my under eye hollows. I am so afraid. I worry about retinal occulusion, and blindness. I also worry about long... READ MORE

Ways to Reduce Under Eye Bags After Restylane?

I had Restylane injections for my hollowing eyes and now, after 2 weeks, I have huge fill bags under my eyes, and they aren't even where I needed... READ MORE

How Often Are Restylane Procedures Needed to Maintain Results?

How often is Restylane needed for very dark circles the eyes that extended all the way to the cheek bones? READ MORE

How Come Some People End Up with Bags After Having Restylane Injections?

I have seen complaints about people ending up with bags under the eye when they had injections to fill the hallows. Why does this happen and can it be... READ MORE

What if You Are Injected with Restylane, and You Gain or Loose Weight Will Anything Happen to the Results?

After years of injecting restylane under eye will the hollows improve? will you need less and less restylane applied under eye, and after time will it... READ MORE

Restylane For Under Eye Hollows After Weight Loss

Since I was a kid I had these hollows under my eyes, but after taking acutane and losing some weight they worsen a lot. Should I consider restylane to... READ MORE

Treatment for Further Eye Hollowing After Restylane Injections?

I had Restylane injections for my hollowing eyes 6 months ago. Since injection, my hollowing became deeper and till now it's getting worse. What else... READ MORE

How Does One Find an Experienced Doctor for Restylane for Sunken Eyes?

For best results for underneath deep set eyes, as this is a delicate area and the feedback keeps saying to find a doctor with experience. What... READ MORE

Restylane Injections from a General Practitioner?

Is it safe for a General Practitioner to give me Restylane injections? I'm 21 years old and of Indian descent. I have hollow dark circles under my... READ MORE

Can I Have Restylane While Taking Hair Loss Medication?

I am takng Spironolactone to stop hair loss. It is working. I am planning to get Restalyne under my eyes for hollowing/bags. Any advese effects of... READ MORE

Looking to fill hollows under eyes in NY, NJ, or CT

I had eye hollows filled but had a vessel nicked.Result was a black eye & worry about blindness in future treatments.Not open to surgery & have no... READ MORE

Would Restalyne be a good alternative to botox around the eyes? (Photo)

I no longer use botox because I'm very sensitive to it. I've had as little as 3 units under each eye, which looks great on day 1 & 2 but as the botox... READ MORE

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