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Eye Bags After Restylane

I had Restylane under my eyes. I don't know if I had too much because it created bags in that area. Is this normal? Does that mean I shouldn't have... READ MORE

More Bags After Restylane in Tear Troughs - What Happened?

I had Restylane put in my tear troughs several weeks ago. I have more bags and the contours of my face have changed. At 2 week F/U, RN injector said... READ MORE

Ways to Reduce Under Eye Bags After Restylane?

I had Restylane injections for my hollowing eyes and now, after 2 weeks, I have huge fill bags under my eyes, and they aren't even where I needed... READ MORE

Restylane for Filling Tear Trough and Lessening Bags?

I seem to have a depression in the tear trough area and would like to fill it instead of undergoing surgery, which scares me. Will Restylane really... READ MORE

Does Restylane Injections Hurt?

I am only 27 and get a fair amount of sleep but my dark circles have become developed into slight hollowness. I have a great fear of needles going in... READ MORE

How Come Some People End Up with Bags After Having Restylane Injections?

I have seen complaints about people ending up with bags under the eye when they had injections to fill the hallows. Why does this happen and can it be... READ MORE

Two Lines Appears Under my Eyes After Eyes Filler? is It Normal? (photo)

I had fillers for the eye hollowness one week ago , I got some swelling at the first but now after 7 days ,that decreased 80% in each , but the... READ MORE

Restylane for Eye Bags?

Can Restylane work on eye bags ? READ MORE

Should I Go to a Different Doctor for Dissolving Restylane?

I had Restylane injections 6 weeks ago. Although the result under my left eye is not great, (still looks a bit purple-grey and prone to water... READ MORE

Is Restylane a Good Option for Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I am 40, living in London and look constantly tired due to the bags under my eyes. I have read rave reviews on restylane injections on here but when i... READ MORE

Is Restylane for Under Eyes Safe for Patient with Allergies?

I am considering having Restylane injected for my under eye area and was wondering if it is advisable because I have allergies. These cause... READ MORE

Can Fat Herniation After Restylane Look Different Every Day?

You had responded to a previous question indicating that the puffiness under my eyes cannot be due to Restylane injected a year ago. You stated it... READ MORE

2.5 of Restylane and Still Have Bad Bags? (photo)

Below are before and after photos. i got overall 2.5 restylane in my tear troughs and a month and a half after the treatment look like this. i still... READ MORE

1 months post op Restylane tear trough, I have two ridges. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I had Restylane placed in the tear troughs using a cannula to reduce eye bags. However as you can see I have two ridges. I initially thought these... READ MORE

Water retention above the tear trough after fillers.

I had tear trough done 2 months ago with restylane. My doctor is experienced and injected only a minimal amount for a first session and this under the... READ MORE

Which procedure is best for under eyes, transconjunctival lower bleph or Restylane filler? (Photo)

I am a 35 year old female and very bothered by the puffy/dark circle/bags under my eyes. I am vacillating between the above mentioned procedures. The... READ MORE

Can I Have Restylane While Taking Hair Loss Medication?

I am takng Spironolactone to stop hair loss. It is working. I am planning to get Restalyne under my eyes for hollowing/bags. Any advese effects of... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Restylane For Tired Eyes? (photo)

Am I a candidate for Restylane? if not, any suggestions on how to make my eyes look less tired and healthy looking? I do have some darkness a bit... READ MORE

Would Restylane Be Enough for my Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I would love to have a beautiful under eye area. I look sick and tired. Im 27 years old and in the past three years my under eye bags have gotten... READ MORE

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