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I Had a Half Syringe of Restylane Under Each Eye with No Results. Will another syringe be helpful?

I had a half syringe under each eye with no results for dark circles.. Injector told me up front I need full syringe under each write, I'm going... READ MORE

How Many Days Will It Take for Hyaluronidase to Stop Functioning and After How Many Days Can I Perform Filler Injection Again?

I had a filler injectiont then later I found that one of my cheeks has disturbing plumbs. So the dr resolved the material using hyauridase now I had a... READ MORE

In This Heat Wave is Having Restylane and Botox Affected? Should You Wait?

It has been 110 with heat index and I am wondering if this effects having Restylane injections or Botox? Does heat on th face change the outcme?... READ MORE

Is Restylane an Outdated Product?

During a consultation with my dermatologist, I asked about Restylane. He told me that Restylane was an outdated filler that has been on the market for... READ MORE

Can you take a diuretic prior to getting facial fillers? Does it help reduce the chance of getting water bags under your eyes?

Can you take a diuretic prior to getting facial fillers ?? I am getting restylane under eye area and wonder if taking a diuretic (water pill) a few... READ MORE

Post Restylane Lip Injection?

Hi, today i finally had my very first lip injection. My doc used 1ml Restylane for my lips but i only managed to use half a syringe. The funny thing... READ MORE

Dermal Filler - Treatment Wore off Only After a Few Days?

Not long ago I had Juvederm treatment done to help improve the appearence of my Glabeller line. After the treatment the result looked great, it was... READ MORE

Does the use infrared saunas/body wraps damage or reduce the effectiveness of restylane nose fillers?

I had a nonsurgical nose augmentation using restylane fillers a couple weeks ago, and I was wondering if infrared body wraps and saunas will harm... READ MORE

Philosophy Replenishing Face Oil- Will It Affect the Efficacy of an Under Eye Filler?

Hello. I'm getting an eye filler (either Restylane or Juvederm) sometime next month for my under eye hollows. I'm presently applying a... READ MORE

Restylane Not Working for Some "Lines" Under Eyes, Should I Try Laser?

I have been getting restylane for lower eye creases, and the doctor has mosty injected on the inner eye area. He seems to be unable to get rid of some... READ MORE

Can a lot of water retention impact effectiveness of Restylane? (Photo)

Two years ago my plastic surgeon injected resta lyn and concealed malaria bags. He did exactly same a month ago but within a week they came back. Doc... READ MORE

Will wheatgrass have an adverse effect on Restylane/Juvederm filler in my lips?

I have recently started taking 2 teaspoons of wheatgrass a day, and i can feel it's affects- much less body odour and bad breath, very clear skin ect.... READ MORE

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