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I Am from Indian Descent and Have Severe Dark Circles and Sunken Eye Problem. Will Restylane Help? (photo)

I would like to know if I need combination of restylane and laser to get rid of dark circles and sunken eyes problem.How much restylane should I... READ MORE

How successful are microdroplet techniques of Restylane and Juvederm? (NOT silicone)

I have read about microdroplet techniques with hyaluronic acid, using different fillers, at varying depths to create the best contours, and the most... READ MORE

Can I Use Restylane on my Nose?

I know in Asia, they use restylane raise the bridge of the nose to make it more prominent. Is it possible? Also how much it will cost. READ MORE

Will Vicodin Reduce the Pain During Facial Fillers with Restylane or Juvederm?

Will Vicodin Reduce the Pain During Facial Fillers with Restylane or Juvederm? READ MORE

Will Going to the Dentist 6 Days After Restylane Hurt the Results?

Can you hurt restylane by dental appointment after 6 days? READ MORE

I Have Dark Undereye Hollows. Would Fillers or Blepharoplasty Be Right for Me? (photo)

I have always had dark undereye circles which have bothered me. When I smile the hollowness under my eyes is marked. The darkness also seems to run up... READ MORE

Would Restylane Be Enough for my Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I would love to have a beautiful under eye area. I look sick and tired. Im 27 years old and in the past three years my under eye bags have gotten... READ MORE

Is Restylane a Good Treatment Option for Dark Blue/Purple Undereye Circles That Are Vascular in Nature? (photo)

I've had purple vascular activity in the corners under my eyes for 5 yrs. Seen many docs & tried creams as well as IPL. Most docs say there is... READ MORE

Safest lip filler for someone with an auto-immune disease?

1. Is restylane (or any other lip filler) safe for people with an auto immune disease (currently in remission)? 2. How effective, aesthetic & safe... READ MORE

Would a non surgical nose procedure be effective in correcting a bulbous nose tip? (Photo)

I am satisfied with the width of the nasal bridge. My only concern is the round, bulbous tip that projects in the frontal view that is especially... READ MORE

Will electronic facial muscle stimulation treatments or ultrasound treatments affect my restylane fillers?

I have had restylane fillers in my lips and also on my cheekbones, some time ago, but the effects are still there, gladly. But I have just signed up... READ MORE

Are Skin Boosters Restylane Vital for wrinkly tummy area safe and effective?

Tummy tuck is not an option. I have found a local doctor who has recommended skin boosters Restylane Vital to improve the texture of the skin which... READ MORE

Restrained filler and mesotheraphy. Is it safe and long term effective?

Hi, my doctor advise me for mesotheraphy on jowls line area and Restlayne filler 1ml each side for cheeks as I have flat cheeks. I have a bit of fats... READ MORE

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