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Average Cost for Restylane Under Eye Fillers?

What's the average cost for restalyne fillers under eye? I went for a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon, he says I need 1 syringe per... READ MORE

Looking for NYC Doctor - Restylane in Tear Trough Line Caused By Thermage

I had Thermage under my eye last year at a spa and had bad results. I now have a line in my tear trough area. I would like to get this corrected and... READ MORE

Restylane Doctor for Under Eye Hollowness?

I've decided to get Restylane under my eyes for the genetic hollowness I've had all my life, but am wondering if it will look uneven when I smile? Any... READ MORE

Tear Trough/nasolabial Folds Injector in Toronto? (photO)

Hi there, I am looking to add a subtle amount of volume to my tear troughs and nasolabial folds. Would Belotero be an option? Any docs in TO use it?... READ MORE

Good Restylane Tear Trough Injector in Denver?

I visit Denver once a year to see my parents, and I wonder if anyone has any experience with an oculoplastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon who does a... READ MORE

Restylane Injector for Under Eyes in Atlanta?

Does anyone one know if any great under eye injectors of Restylane in Atlanta?   READ MORE

Recommend a Tampa Surgeon to Remove Restylane from Upper Lip?

Where can I find a good surgeon to fix my upper lip? Restylane left a bead like lump in my lip for over 2 years. I went to a Dr. who said it was a... READ MORE

Restylane for Dark Circles - Experienced Physician in Europe?

I live in Holland. I have dark circles under my eyes. Is there an experienced and skilled physician who treat dark circles with Restylane in europe? READ MORE

Recommended Restylane Doctor in Columbia, SC?

I'm a 38 y/o male and am new to South Carolina. I'm out in the boonies and am wondering if anyone, specifically a doctor, would happen to know of a... READ MORE

Dissolving Restalyne Bumps?

Apx. 4 weeks ago I had restalyne under my eyes by Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery in San Diego. Once the selling went down I noticed... READ MORE

I had Restylane for my under eye hollows in Aug & unhappy with the result. Should I get it corrected by adding some more?(photo)

This is just a follow-up from my previous post..I think that the restylane wasn't injected in the right dermal plane and made the hollows worse. I... READ MORE

Recommended Doctors for Restylane Near Greenville, SC?

I am considering Restylane injection for deep tear troughs, but want a Dr who is very experienced in this area. Any recommendations would be appreciated! READ MORE

Seeking Experienced Injector in Dallas Forth Worth Area?

I am looking for new doctor in Dallas - Forth Worth area. I had a brilliant doctor but he suddenly died from heart attack. Could somebody recommend me... READ MORE

Looking for an Excellent Eye Plastic Surgeon in the Ft.Lauderdale Area

Who has great expertise in Restylane for the under eye area. Thank you. READ MORE

Are There Any East Coast Doctors That Do Fillers to the Upper Eyelid/brow Area?

There's a doctor in Beverly Hills that does excellent upper eyelid fillers with restylane. Are there any other doctors that can do this, specifically... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Restylane Under my Eyes? (photos)

Hi I Just turned 35 and wanted to know If I would be a good canidate for Restylane. I am a Musician here in Chicago and sometimes find it hard to get... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Restylane in San Jose or SF Bay Area?

I'm considering Restylane for my under eye hollows but have read a lot online about needing to go with a very experienced injector. I have fair, thin... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Physician with Restylane for Dark Eye Circles

Does anyone know in Holland an highly Experienced Physician with Restylane who can treat dark eye circles under the eye? Thank you. READ MORE

I Am Looking for an Expert Doctor at Injecting Restalyne in Tear Troughs in Forth Worth, Texas? (photo)

In May I had a full face Fraxel Re:pair. Most of the results are positive. I am concerned with the state of my skin under my eyes. I seem to have a... READ MORE

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