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Tissue Fillers for the Forehead and Bridge of Nose?

Can Restylane or Juviderm be injected in areas like the bridge of the nose and forehead lines? These areas do not have much fat or tissue underneath. ... READ MORE

Does Restylane in Tear Troughs Cause Deep Grooves in Cheeks?

I had 1/2 syringe of Restylane injected in my tear troughs 5 days ago. I now have deep grooves starting from the bottom of my troughs, running under... READ MORE

I had Restylane injections and they did nothing. Should I have a refund?

I want the deep line above the lips to be gone. I went back and he said you have a 50% change and showed me the photos. I could not tell the... READ MORE

Restylane for tear trough caused huge under eye wrinkles. (photo)

I'm 31, and on Thursday I got half a syringe of Restalyne for tear through and dark circles by a board certified dermatologist. I did not experience... READ MORE

Why is Restylane in my tear troughs now swelling my cheeks?

I had micro droplets done around the eyes, and my doctor did not want to use a cannula for proper placement. Right after, it looked good-slight... READ MORE

Using fillers (restylane) on scars close to cystic acne area?

I got two deep scars from cystic acne between my eyes. When I press the skin upwards using my fingers the scars almost vanishes. I want to try fillers... READ MORE

I'm 7 days post Restylane filler treatment for tear troughs, is this swelling?

Told that swelling will go down, but I feel like it's not swelling. To me it looks like its didn't get deep enough and sitting on top making the bags... READ MORE

I'm 23 yrs old and have deep hollows. Any suggestions? (photos)

Past few years my hollows have become unbearable to look at. I used to feel attractive now I'm self conscious, I look rather gaunt. I'm tempted to get... READ MORE

Is it normal to develop swelling and redness 4 days after Restylane? (Photo)

On Thursday I got Restylane injections and had no visible swelling. Today (Sunday) I woke up to find an area swollen, red, and the crease seemingly... READ MORE

Fillers and Acne, is this normal?

I have filler (restylane) in a specific area in my forehead where I had a deep scar. Occasionally if I get a pimple in this area, it seems that the... READ MORE

Why do my lines look deeper after Restylane? (Photo)

Nine days ago I got Restylane and my lines look deeper than before. How is this possible? The doctor is extremely reputable so I don't doubt the... READ MORE

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